Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Blogging @ Murders&Mysteries - Me and Kick-Arse Heroines!

Hey peeps!

I was invited by the lovely Lindsay Downs, author of the Emily Dahill, CID, series, to guest post on her blog today.

We go to the origins of how, and why, I ended up writing romantic suspense/espionage with strong yet fragile, kick-arse women as the heroines.

"... When a girly girl starts walking on the edge…
…what do you get?

A series about kick-arse women fighting for their lives while they fall in love, and find their HEA in the midst of the direst danger.

By Zee Monodee

I grew up an only daughter. ..."

Come on over and read the rest - the link is here!

From Mauritius with love!



sue said...

I posted a comment on Lindsay's blog. I think I started reading you n SSS when you posted the french one. Always wondered what happened

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Sue! Yep, we met on SSS when I was posting snippets from Walking The Edge, the Corpus Brides Book 1. :)

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