Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I'm visiting HC Brown, Layna Pimentel, & Lucy Felthouse right now!

Hey beautiful people!

A very good morning to you. I know - odd to see me posting at this time of the day, innit? But, hey - incredible times call for incredible measures (or something like that; my brain is a little MIA right now).

Anyhow, in honour of the impending release of Before The Morning (Corpus Brides: Book 2), Rayne Cheltham, the heroine of that book, and I, are stopping by a few places at the start of this week to tell ye all a little more about "our" story.

Author of Sizzling Romance, HC Brown, is hosting my guest blog post, since Sunday May 6. She asked me the question: What's the story behind this book? My reply:

"... Well, my answer [...] would be: Backstory!

Yes, that vile, taboo word! *grin* It’s from the backstory of the initial book in the Corpus Brides series, Walking The Edge, that I found the material for Book 2 ..."
Read the rest here!
At Romance where you least expect it, author Layna Pimentel's blog, Rayne Cheltham, the main protagonist from the novel, is sitting down for a chat. Boy, is she in for some tough questions... Find out what this former spy has to say, about life as an assassin, and especially where the man she loves, Ash Gilfoy, is concerned:
"...So glad you could join us Rayne. Before we begin, tell us a bit of about yourself.
Thanks for having me over! *smile* God knows I haven’t had opportunities for social calls lately… It’s a pleasure to be here, though.
A bit about me… Whoa, where do I start? My full name is Rayne Elizabeth Cheltham, and I was born thirty-four years ago in Salisbury, England. *pause* Actually, my name is Rayne Gilfoy now… I’m still getting used to taking my husband’s name. That’s not exactly easy to do, you know. I’ve dreamed of being called Mrs. Gilfoy for as long as I can remember; spent most of my teenage years doodling the name inside big hearts on my notebooks, but now that we’re here, I find it a tad odd to be known as Ash’s wife… *shrugs* I’m starting a new life now… ..."

Read the rest of this character interview here!

And today, I'm at Erotic Author Lucy Felthouse's place. Another guest blog spot (such lovely people in the writing community, so eager and willing to host their fellow scribes! You guys rock!).
Lucy asked: Was there a lot of research involved in this book?

And boy, was there ever! Stuff like:

"...Spies kill, and what do they kill with? Guns, of course! I’m lucky that I have a husband who is a trove of information on guns, and two growing boys who wield all types of firearms and know the specs of each one in their video-game junkie sprees. I’ve thus learned that a Makarov, a Russian pistol, is heavier than most commercial handguns; that a Colt Python .353 Magnum is now a collector’s weapon; that the Barrett M82A1 rifle is banned in the state of California; that James Bond used a Walther P99 with a silencer; that bullets also come as hollow-points that fragment upon impact; that .50 BMG caliber is used for anti-materiel sniping. ..."

Come over and read about the stuff I've had to look into to be able to pen this one convincingly (I hope!). This is the link.

And peeps - Lucy will be stopping here in a few moments with her very own guest blog post, about how she fleshed out her story idea into novella territory! Don't miss this!

So there we are, Rayne and I, at the start of the May 7 week. I hope you'll drop by and check these posts out, as well as the amazingly fabulous people hosting us throughout this tour!

From Mauritius with love,



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