Friday, May 18, 2012

Where I've been this week... in guest posts!

Hey beautiful people!

It's been another crazy-zany insane week as I plant my feet firmly down on the floor of this roller-coaster ride called Promo... Needless to say, I didn't get much else done, writing-wise... But there's a time for everything, and hopefully, my WIP, Transient Hearts, will receive my full attention as from next week, when I've come to grips with this ride called Promo and my writing-stomach has calmed down from all the twists and loops on that journey. :)

So I've been to a few places this past week over the Net - come take a look at my stops, and in the process, take a peek at those fantastic authors who have hosted me, and their amazing works!

On May 9, author Sheri Fredricks, a dear friend of mine who's always ready to lend a helping hand, hosted Before The Morning (Corpus Brides: Book Two) as her Author Spotlight for the week. Come take a look!

On May 10, fellow 1NS author and transplanted down-under from Britain gal, JoAnne Kenrick, saw me guesting on her blog. JoAnne is one of the first who read the draft of my 1NS story, and she asked this question: Write what you know (my 1NS, which takes place in Mauritius), or not (the Corpus Brides espionage series that takes place in mainland Europe)?

Here's the first few lines from that one:

'... I haven’t been to most of the places I mention/use as locales in Before The Morning, while I am intimately acquainted with every setup/setting present in Once Upon A Stormy Night.
We’re always told to “write what you know”... Can I apply this here, where these 2 books are concerned? Not exactly. ...'

Grab the remainder of the post here!

On May 11, fellow Noble Romance author and newly-minted 1NS contributor, Margie Church, asked me over to her blog for a zany interview. You might learn a few things about me from there, such as:

'...Tell us something unexpected about yourself.

I’m qualified as a professional seamstress. Undertook my O and A-levels in Fashion & Fabrics, with the aim of becoming a designer maybe. But though I love to sew and make my own clothes, doing this academically has killed all the joy in the act. In exams and class, you have to be so meticulous about each and every stitch... well, combined with my already anal, it-has-to-be-perfect personality, I would’ve set myself up for a heart attack before 30 if I went on to become a designer and/or seamstress. ...'

The rest? It's here! :)

On May 12, my trusted CP who smoothes almost my work and tells me like it is, always - the fantabulous author of superb romantic sci-fi, Jessica E. Subject - invited me over to her blog for a guest post. Jessica hopped along the Corpus Brides series during the middle of the trip, when I was penning Before The Morning, and after Book 1, Walking The Edge, had come out. She wanted to know how this concept morphed into a series, because, you see, when I was writing Book 1, I had no intention of making this one a 3-book series!

A little of what I told Jessica:

'... I finished that story, and started shopping it around. The title was Walking The Edge. Around the same time Noble Romance Publishing requested the full manuscript, a few friends prompted me to write a story about best friends turned lovers. I had this idea of a comedy-type story, where a spy returns to civilian life, but she reckons she’s never faced any mission as dire as being in her nutty family’s fold once again. In another *eureka* moment, I saw an opportunity – all those backstory questions not answered in Walking The Edge, well what if they were answered in this story, which I could turn into the prequel to this mutiny plot inside the ranks of the Corpus? ...'

The rest of the story? Here's the link!

On May 14, the crew at Backward Momentum, the sci-fi/sci-fi romance blog, hosted a guest post from me. DL Jackson is the amazing author who invited me - please check out her work (she writes awesome stuff, I can guarantee that!).

'...Well, it turns out that I also had to extensive research to build *my* world too – that of spies, clandestine agencies, espionage tradecraft. I had to immerse myself into a culture totally unknown to me (uh, hello? I’m a desperate housewife from a tropical island – what do I know about guns and spy tradecraft and danger, biological weapons, clandestine activity, assassinations, infiltration work, evasion and deceit ? *the extra pair of shoes I got that my husband doesn’t know about does not count here!*) ...'

Taking unknown steps into the clandestine world...? Yes, it's about world-building! How did I build my world? Answer here!

On May 16, the incredible, funny and super-sweet Elizabeth Morgan, another fellow Noble Romance posse member, asked me over for a game of 20 questions over at her blog. I got a little silly in this one - come check the totally-airhead-y version of me answering her queries!

'... Before we begin, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi everyone; hey E! ’Pleasure to be here today with ye all.

A little about me? Well, I’m a serious, meticulous, and highly cognizant brainiac... Not! LOL. On most days, happy-go-lucky airhead-y gal would suit me best, and on some occasions, I also get to add incompetent housewife, undomestic goddess, talk-the-hind-leg-off-a-donkey rambler, and in-over-her-head mum and wife to that description.

In the midst of it all, my moments of sanity and lucidity come about when I’m penning the stories of all these people who are screaming in my head (...I guess, not a sane and lucid moment, after all...). ...'

Read the other 19 questions and answers here!

And finally, today, May 18, I am at British gal Sherry Gloag's blog. I've had the pleasure of hosting Sherry a few times here on this spot, and when she asked me to drop by hers, I totally jumped on the occasion!
Sherry wanted to know what the hardest part of writing Before The Morning was; come see my answer to her question!

'...And here I was at the start of Book 2 – this one the story of an undercover assassin who bows out of this life all in the name of love, when she meets the man she never stopped loving, her childhood best friend. Her name was Rayne... and the kicker, for me, was that Rayne was an actual spy/clandestine agent/assassin. Her meeting again with her childhood love happens while she is deep undercover on a measles operation – an assassination that is planned down to the smallest detail of the cleanup and aftermath, so as not to leave any trace of the assassin’s path, or of the cause of death.To put you further into the picture, I’m a stay-at-home mum with a degree in communications science and economics. What do I know about spies and the clandestine life? So how on earth do I go about portraying that life realistically, to make my character not a cardboard cutout but a woman who is totally in her element in that assassin’s lifestyle? ...'

Full answer/post here!

So that's what I've been doing this past week, peeps! Been a real flitting little butterfly, and you know what, these visits to my friends' places have felt awesome!!! I hope you'll come by, and check my ramblings and these fabulous authors out!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! It should be quiet at my place, after the madness of last week when we had 3 birthday celebrations going on. :)

From Mauritius with love,



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