Sunday, December 02, 2012

#sixsunday Before The Morning #31: And they lived happily ever after...?

Hey beautiful people!

My brain is absolutely scrambled right now, thanks to the awful heat wave going on here. Remember - I told you that, once summer comes around, you'd hear me complain of the heat when this is all I wanted during the dreary cold winter months. :)

But, it's Sunday, and I've finally managed to curb the blokes' enthusiasm here and got them to stay home for a day. So here's me finally able to sit down with a Virgin Mojito while downing Six Sentence Sunday snippets in front of a blowing air-monster fan. Join me? *grin*

And... we're still in Vegas. Told you this one was a pivotal point in the book, so I'm still taking you to that moment when Ash discovered he and Rayne are married. Last week, he disclosed his secret to you readers... Will he tell Rayne? And what happens if he does tell her?

Will he... or won't he?

Check this week's six to find out.

He might have only darkness in his soul, but Rayne would be his light. . . Ash didn't have much to give her, yet he knew he would protect her with his dying breath, if he had to, would do everything he could to make her proud of him.
“Trust me,” she said, and he knew he should, because Rayne had always made what was wrong in his life right in the past.
"Hello, wife," he said.
She pulled away, and he tightened his grip on her hand, breached the distance between them and placed his lips over hers, shushing her. After a second or two, she returned his kiss, a chaste meeting of her mouth with his, and he smiled; so, she was suddenly a shy bride, after all they'd done—and what had they not done—in the past week?
The realisation clamoured for attention, before his mobile phone rang and vibrated on the clear glass of the bedside table, shattering the silence.

Don't forget to check those peeps from the official SSS List - Jessica Subject, Carmen deSousa, Jenna Jaxon, JM Blackman, Krystal Baird, Mae Clair, Sherry Gloag, Lorraine Paton, & Sue Ann Bowling - among many, many others!

Hope ye're all enjoying a fabulous weekend & amazing Sunday! I'm off to go dry out to jerky state in this heat. LOL.

From Mauritius with love,



Jessica Subject said...

Hey Zee! I love Ash's acceptance of the situation. But damn that phone for interrupting. Great six! :)

patonlorraine said...

Great six! It is intimate... until that phone! ;)
Thank you for the shout out - you are wonderful!
You have a heat wave... we've had continuous snow all day. I'm not sure which is worse. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Great 6, loved hearing his thoughts here!

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

That was a heavy burden he was carrying. Glad he decided to give himself some joy.

Sue Ann Bowling said...

They need to come clean with each other. Thanks for the mention, and my thermometer said LL this morning, so it was below 40 below.

Jess Schira said...

Stupid phone ;) they should have shut the bloody thing off. Another great six, Zee!

Linda said...

Hi Zee,

I emailed you but never heard back. My father passed away four weeks yesterday and I can't seem to stop crying. When will the pain end?

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