Sunday, January 13, 2013

#sixsunday Upcoming #1NS OnceUponASecondChance (Excerpt 2): The Mystery Behind The Scarf

Hey beautiful people!

Trying to build up steam and not run out halfway through the week. Tough job, especially when you now have a job to handle on top of being an author who wants to take the world by storm. *grin* But we're making do, innit, and now's the time for some laid-back fun and enjoyment. Join me for Six Sentence Sunday?

I'm taking to Mauritius once more. Last week, you all met Leila Hassan Al-Nadir, the heroine from my upcoming 1NightStand story. A few of you have asked what the mystery around the scarf is - why is she wearing this scarf, and hiding it from Carole, the woman she is staying with?

Today's six might shed some more light on this matter. Get a sneak peek at what Leila's life has been like for the past decade...

Carole asked her why the scarf, to which Leila babbled that she wanted protection from the sun.

“We have hats for that,” Carole intoned with a hint of humor in the tart reply.
They did; to wear anything that wrapped around the neck spelt an invitation to roast under the scorching tropical summer sun. But Leila couldn’t help it for the past ten years, she’d worn a scarf, sometimes even a burka that only showed her eyes, around her home and outside.

A snort escaped her; her home... More like her prison, the place where her father had sold her off to be a fifty-five-year-old man’s broodmare. Thank goodness she’d been barren and the old bastard never got what he sought from her – a male heir.


She hasn't had it easy, poor girl. Will this 1NightStand date be her chance at finding happiness? Stay tuned for when Once Upon A Second Chance releases in early February from Decadent Publishing.

Don't forget to check the official SSS list for some amazing authors & their snippets - among others, JoAnne Kenrick, Jessica E. Subject, Angela Quarles, Karysa Faire, Sue Ann Bowling, SE Gilchrist, Kate Warren, JM Blackman, Sara Walter Ellwood, & Lorraine Paton.

Hope you're enjoying a fab weekend, peeps! It's raining after a night of thunderstorms here.

From Mauritius with love,



Jessica Subject said...

This six reveals so much about her. Great choice! Looking forward to this release! :)

J.M. Blackman said...

Wow, Zee, I'm with Jessica. There is so much in these few sentences. It's obvious she's been through a lot and yet she still sounds so in control of herself. Great six.

Taryn Kincaid said...

This will be an interesting 1Night Stand, for sure! Good luck with the release, Zee!

Anonymous said...

Very revealing of her backstory! Madame Eve will come through!

Sue Ann Bowling said...

I guessed the scarf was a matter of decency for her hast week, but what a past!

Kate Warren said...

Couldn't have been an easy life for her, but I get a sense that she is determined to find a new and better life. Great six!

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