Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Hey beautiful people!

It's a calm, breezy, and sunny Sunday morning here in Mauritius today. Absolutely love the weather when it's like that; there's something totally comforting and lulling-you-into-peace when the sun shines just enough to not sting.

Anyway, here's me getting high on sunshine and going all weird-o on you. Apologies... Back on track - ye're all here for the Sunday snippet.

Once more, we're with the hero from my Muslim-themed 1NightStand, Once Upon A Second Chance. Remember, Khalid and his wife, Leila, are estranged. Well, in truth, he 'dumped' her off with his stepmother the morning after their wedding and hasn't been in contact ever since.

But Khalid has his reasons, which we went into, briefly, last week.

Today, his stepmother has signed him up for a one night stand date with Madame Eve's agency, and she will not take no for an answer. So poor Khalid finds himself attending this date if only to worm his way out of a night with a woman he knows nothing about.

He's about to go in... Why don't you read on to see what he finds?

His step heavy on the polished teak floor, he trudged toward the back of the house. Pausing in the open panel of the sliding glass doors to the terrace, he caught a glimpse of the view, of  blue waters sparkling even in the late afternoon, with the jutting tip of Coin de Mire island emerging from the sea in a giant chunk of basalt rock.
A postcard image of the north coast— an idyllic setting for a date, and he chuckled at the irony. Why couldn’t he be like other guys? He lingered in a dream location, about to meet a woman who would be his for the night, and who would leave in the morning with no questions asked or hopes of anything beyond a few stolen nocturnal hours. He should jump on the opportunity.
And speaking of this woman, where was she?
Clutching the bouquet, he stepped onto the terrace, and froze. No, it cannot be....


Want to read the whole of Chapter 1? Then head here.
Interested enough in the book? Then here's where you can grab your copy!
Amazon, Amazon UK, Decadent website, AllRomance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Smashwords

This is somewhat a glimpse of what the north coast of Mauritius, from a villa located in Cap Malheureux, would look like. The rock island in the back is the Coin de Mire island, also known as Gunner's Point, as it used to be a strategic defense post for the British maritime forces during the time of their reign on the country.

And don't forget there are many, many more peeps taking part in Snippet Sunday. You can find them here. The amazing peeps I'll definitely be visiting this week are Carrie Crain, Sherry Gloag, Karen Michelle Nutt, Gem Sivad, Brenda Ashworth Barry, Joyce Scarbrough, Veronica Scott, & Siobhan Muir.

Hope ye're all having an awesome weekend!

From Mauritius with love,



Frank C. Etier said...

Nice staging, some inner conflict, and an enticing cliff hanger.

Sarah W said...

Noooo! I want to know who the woman is! I have my suspicious, but . . .

Brenda Ashworth Barry said...

Great stage set up. I want to know who she is as well. Loved it. :-)

SherryGLoag said...

Of course it could. Clever Step-mom. Loved your descriptions of the scenery.

Joanne Stewart said...

Yeah, I have my suspicions about who it is, too. Terrific snippet!

Veronica Scott said...

If "no, it cannot be" is his first thought, then it MUST be.....well, I'll be back next week to see LOL. Terrific snippet!

Jess Schira said...

Cannot be what! The suspense is killing me. Another great snippet Zee!

Siobhan Muir said...

Bwahahaha! Oh yes it could! Great snippet, Zee. And thanks so much for the mention. :)

Sue Ann Bowling said...

Loved this in the book.

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