Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Hey beautiful people!

Cannot believe we're already in the last third of March already. This always signals the start of fall around here in the southern hemisphere, and just last week, the weather got a little bit nippy; we thought the change of seasons was coming in. But turns out we were wrong. It's back to being blazing hot this weekend and doesn't look like the temps will give us a break anytime soon (and yes, I'll prolly be complaining about the opposite in July/August, in the thick of winter!).

But anyway, it gets chilly and rainy and wet where I live - inland, at the highest residential altitude on the island. On the coasts, it's another story. This week's snippet should give you an idea - that's pretty much what the beach looks like year round.

And yes, we left Khalid who had stopped in his tracks on the veranda of the villa. Remember, he was going to meet his 'date' and worm his way out of the encounter. Until he saw her.

Who is she? I think you have a fair idea by now, but I dispell the suspense today.

She stood barefoot on the luxuriant green lawn, hands atop the back of a chaise as she gazed at the scenery. Her long, turquoise silk dress clung to her lithe body and shimmered like the waters of the lagoon beyond the spit of the land, making her resemble a nymph who’d stepped out of the aquamarine depths. Her shiny, golden hair danced down her back in soft curls the mellow wind lifted from her pale, creamy shoulders, and from where he stood, he had a clear view of her delicate, sculpted profile. Eyes closed, she basked in the dying light, and when she opened them, he’d see their translucent jade.
A year ago, across a busy street in Abu Dhabi, the unique sparkle of her gaze had captivated him. She’d worn a black abaya, the long cloak hiding every one of her curves, and a purple shayla scarf that had bared nothing but the oval of her face from her eyebrows down to her chin. Dressed the same as every other woman in the country, she should’ve melted into the crowd, but those irises pierced him when she’d looked in his direction just before she ducked into her chauffeur-driven car.
Lost in thought, he jerked when she turned, and stared at him.
His gut experienced the punch of a hard fist when her eyes locked with his, and his chest squeezed at the same time a dagger ripped at his lungs.
A date with his wife—how, ever, would he walk away now?


Want to read the whole of Chapter 1? Then head here.
Interested enough in the book? Then here's where you can grab your copy!
Amazon, Amazon UK, Decadent website, AllRomance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Smashwords
Don't forget that you can check a boatload of snippets from some fab authors. A few of them are Frank C. Etier, Sarah W, Brenda Ashworth Barry, Sherry Gloag, Joanne Stewart, Veronica Scott, Jess Schira, Siobhan Muir, & Sue Ann Bowling. Find them all at this link!

Hope ye're all enjoying a fabulous weekend, and that the weather is turning blissful for you. :)

From Mauritius with love,



AJ Nuest said...

Oh, I love this one, Zee! Very nice. The analogy of a water nymph is soooo cool. Could see everything here. Very nice.

The Belle in Blue said...

Isn't it fun describing beautiful people? You painted a lovely picture of her, and his reaction to seeing her is wonderful. Can't wait to see what happens next!

~Joyce Scarbrough

Brenda Ashworth Barry said...

what a vivid description and how beautiful. Love the way you did this and I can't wait to see what happens next.. Awesome Job!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love that last one! A great snippet!

SherryGLoag said...

Loved the way you let us into his thoughts and reactions.

Siobhan Muir said...

Sounds like he's been set up with his greatest challenge and it's time to man up. Great snippet, Zee, and thanks so much for the mention. :)

Claire Gillian said...

Well, well... a very small world indeed but I'm guessing the second chance they both need.

Sue Ann Bowling said...

Loved this in the book.

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