Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catching up with the cover reveal of LIGHT MY WORLD, Bk2 of the Island Girls series!

Hey peeps!

After 2 weeks in the house (where we were stuck thanks to a huge cyclone making its apparition in our area and staying put for days!), the hyenas are finally back into school, and the weather has returned to bright and sunny. Not exactly hot, since we've already veered into winter territory, it seems, but the sunrays can get very warm when you're out under them.

Anyhow... kids back in school = me back at work. Hard. On top of prepping for the release of INESCAPABLE, Book1 of the Eternelles series co-written with Natalie G. Owens, and which will be my first foray into the indie world, I am once again running around as the headless chicken. Well, what can you do? Gotta live up to my name, innit?

And speaking of work, my editor at Decadent Publishing and I are almost done with edits on Book2 of the Island Girls series, Light My World.
In fact, we even have a cover! If you're with me on FB and Twitter, you've seen this one already. But here's the official reveal.

To put you into the frame of this story, here's the blurb:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, to find a prince, a girl has to kiss a few frogs along the way. But what happens when a modern-day princess comes across...an ogre?

Diya Hemant is done with her mother’s relentless matchmaking and the pressure to get married ASAP. Hadn’t anyone told the old generation that this is Mauritius in the twenty-first century, and not the Regency era? She yearns to find her Prince Charming, yes, but she’ll find him on her terms. After all, she’s armed with the definitive list of requirements that paragon of hunkiness has to possess.

When her path crosses surly British widower Trent Garrison’s, Diya is sure she’s found an ogre of the worst kind, and one who can never be turned into a frog, let alone a prince.

But hate at first sight can be a powerful emotion, stronger even than instant attraction. Fate keeps pitting them against one another – could this be a clue that both Diya and Trent need to find what lies in their, and each other’s, hearts?

And the cover....

Amazing how the artist scored me models who look exactly like how I'd pictured the characters. The girl on the cover resembles Lea Michele, don't you think? I didn't write this story with Glee's Rachel in mind, but she would totally fit the description of Diya. Take a look...

And I always, always pictured Trent as actor David James Elliott. This bloke on the cover looks so much like him, it's insane!

What do you people think? I'm very curious to know! :)

From Mauritius with love,



Nancy Goldberg Levine said...

Computer ate my first comment. What a beautiful cover! I'm probably showing my age here, but I've never heard of David James Elliott. He looks very cute from the picture, I think Diya (cool character names, too), looks like the actress who played Langston in my favorite (now defunct( soap, "One Life to Live."

Good luck with the new release!

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks, Nancy! Oh yes, she does look like Langston from OLtL (loved my soaps, too!).

And David James Elliott was on the hit TV show JAG a little while back. That's where I totally crushed on him and knew I had to have him as a hero somewhere. :)


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