Sunday, May 05, 2013

From Bk1 of #Eternelles INESCAPABLE: Get into Adri's head! #snippetsunday

Hey beautiful people!

I woke up this morning and came online to the news that... INESCAPABLE is now available on the Amazon platform! My bestie and collab writer, Natalie G Owens, has worked her little fingers off despite being on vacation to make us meet the deadline we had imposed to have Book1 of the Eternelles series out in early May!

Can you say giddy and ecstatic? I'm over the moon!

But back to the topic here - a snippet for your Sunday reading. So far, I've been focusing on the chaotic relationship between 'my' heroine, Adri, and her daughter, Sera, (written by Natalie).
Today, I take you away from that bond and put you more into Adri's frame of mind. What goes on in her head? How does she see the world, especially after having lived for 2,900 years?
Read on to get a glimpse! (FYI, William was her daughter's fiance, the man who died on the Titanic)

Thoughts of William seared the blunt edge of a red-hot knife inside her, and she shook her head before going up the rest of the stairs and entering the museum’s Great Hall. As always, stepping into this place threw her a few centuries into the past—the neo-classical design, dramatic arches, and immense domes reminded her of castles in which she had lived. The heels of her Pigalle Louboutin pumps hit the marble mosaic floor with a clip-clop that hadn’t echoed as much in those times, when ladies wore dainty slippers on their feet.
Tables were set up in the hall, artfully arranged in a sable and gold palette that merged seamlessly with the colors of the Great Hall under the diffuse, dusky glow from spotlights carefully concealed in nooks and crannies. Elegantly dressed women, and men in tuxedos, strolled around the interior. More than one pinched look on the women’s faces acknowledged her presence.
And here it starts. Again. The men openly unclothed her with their eyes—despite the thick, quilted garment on her. How she wished she could ward off their lustful stares from her body.


*ecstatic to say this!* Want to read more? Then you can grab your copy of INESCAPABLE already! Here are the Buy Links we have so far

(Print coming soon to Amazon and B&N; Kobo, iTunes, & ARe updated within this week)

And don't forget to check the amazing peeps on the Snippet list today, at the official FB group. Among them, Sharon Buchbinder, Sarah Wesson, AJ Nuest, Frank C. Etier, Vivien Dean, Karysa Faire, Sue Ann Bowling, Veronica Scott, Siobhan Muir, Claire Gillian, Jess Schira, and of course my bestie, Natalie G. Owens!

My goodness, I'm really walking on air this morning! And I get to share this joy with ye all today - how awesome is that???

From Mauritius with love,



Sarah W said...

There must be advantages to being supernaturally desirable---but I can see how difficult it would be if she can't turn it off!

Sarah W said...

Shoot--I also meant to say congratulations, too! I'm so excited that I can read the whole thing, now!

Sharon Buchbinder said...

Congratulations on your new release! And great snippet. Must be like living in Marilyn Monroe's body, with every man lusting and every woman hating you! Thanks for the shout out! xoxo

Veronica Scott said...

Intriguing as always with this story! Loved the details - great snippet.

Anonymous said...

"And here it starts. Again." Nice way to hook us. Lets have more.

History Sleuth said...

Excellent snippet! Great job on combining past with present.

History Sleuth's Writings

Siobhan Muir said...

Congrats on your new release, Zee! And yeah, it's always tough to walk into a room where the women want to kill you and the men want to jump you. Great snippet. :)

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