Sunday, May 19, 2013

From INESCAPABLE Bk1 of #Eternelles: Who is this mystery man stalking Adri?

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It's a beautiful, sunny, and balmy Sunday morning in Mauritius today. The rushing, cold winds we'd been having thanks to an anti-cyclone system all through the week have let up, and it's back to being manageably cool. As long as the sun is shining, I'm good. :)

Not so sunny in the world of Eternelles - where my heroine, Adrasteia 'Adri' Dionysios, has just come across a man who doesn't seem to respond to her magic. In other words, a man who doesn't understand the spell-like command to "leave her the heck alone!" What can I say, he's tenacious...and in a way, he's got to be to deal with a headstrong, 2900-yr-old immortal.

But who is this mystery man, and what does he really do to Adri? Her unease around him cannot come simply from the fact that he is immune to her magic, innit?

We jump a few lines from last week's excerpt. Remember, they're at a gala at the Met in New York. Susan, one of the curators of the museum, and a good friend of Adri, has just introduced these two, and it looks like she is playing matchmaker, which Adri abhorres!

Des Roxburgh put out his right hand. “You go by Adri, if I’m not mistaken.”
She’d look like an impolite bitch if she refused his handshake. No matter how loud something inside of her screamed in warning to not let him get too close to her. Why, she wanted to know? Because he was dangerous? In that case, with the merest contact against his skin, she would be able to figure out what he was.
So she resolutely took the outstretched hand, and quelled the shock that coursed through her system when they touched. His eyes darkened, she couldn’t help but notice, and in that split second before he released her, she glimpsed prairie fields and rock walls, desert sand and calm lakes, beautiful gardens redolent with sunshine and the fragrance of flowers.
All of them places she had been in throughout her existence. How could he have the same memories? Or else, how could he evoke such remembrances in her? These were all moments when she had felt at peace with herself and with the universe.


Who is this man? Curious to find out? *grin*

Don't forget you can grab your copy of Inescapable from the following places: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Kobo

And there are all the fab peeps posting their Sunday Snippets today. You'll find them on the official FB group - among them Sarah Wesson, Joanne Stewart, Jess Schira, AJ Nuest, Linda, Mona Rodriguez, Sue Ann Bowling,Cindy Arnheim aka History Sleuth, Joyce Scarbrough, Sharon Buchbinder, Siobhan Muir, and Oto.

Hope ye're all having a lovely weekend!

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Sarah W said...

Adri deserves some peace, I think---but I'm going to bet she'll fight first!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Never underestimate the power of a handshake. Great snippet. I want to more about both characters.

Siobhan Muir said...

"all the times she'd been a peace..." hint, hint, hint. :D It does sound like he's dangerous to her way of being...right now. But maybe he offers something better. Great snippet, Zee. And thanks so much for the mention. :)

Veronica Scott said...

Really liked this snippet, so not what I expected when she touched him but I loved it! Excellent excerpt!

Karysa Faire said...

Yep! Ditto what everyone said! I think I may have to go buy me a copy... :-)

Penny Alley said...

Ooo, nice introduction. I'd like to know who he is, too.

Sharon Buchbinder said...

What a lovely change up from the usual first touch descriptions! Instead of jolts and lightning bolts, peace. Lovely snippet.

Cindy Amrhein said...

Interesting that these things would pop into her mind. Are they her own memories or his too? Very good snippet, Zee.

History Sleuth's Writing mysteries

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I definitely want to know more about him.

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