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#Free prequels of the #Eternelles series by @ZeeMonodee & @Natalie_g_owens for #SnippetSunday

Hey beautiful people!

Hope you're all doing good! By now ye all know my bestie, Natalie G. Owens, and I have co-written a paranormal/urban fantasy series titled Eternelles. I've been featuring excerpts of Book1, Inescapable, here on previous Sundays.

But Nat and I have got news for you! Did you know we wrote prequels to this series? Each of us did one, for our respective character.
Adrasteia, my prequel, tells of the moment when the life of Adrasteia 'Adri' Dionysios, an immortal brought up on Mount Olympus, changed in 1887.
Seraphine, Nat's character and prequel, tells of the fateful night that made Seraphine 'Sera' Dionysios into the woman you meet in Inescapable. Hers is set in 1912, on the eve of the departure of the Titanic.

And the best news - these prequels are FREE! Yes, we wanted to give something back to our readers, a little thank you for enjoying our series, and also a taste primer for anyone who wants to sample our writing before committing to buying our books.

Today, we unveil the covers and the prequels shorts. At 5K each, these are bite-size reads that you can gobble over a cup of coffee. Join us?

Here are the covers:

And where can you find these prequels (did I mention they are Free? *grin*)

More channels coming soon!

More channels coming soon!

The prequels are available on Amazon as well, but so far priced at 99c - we need your help in reporting the Free price from Smashwords and Kobo so Amazon will price match and make these available Free on the Kindle platform too. Can you please click the links here and submit the lower price? Thank you!!

So, what happens to Adri in this prequel? The life she's known so far, of flighty behaviour and petty manipulation for her pleasure, is coming to an end. Change happens over a single moment... For the better?

Here's the start of her tale:

Adrasteia “Adri” Dionysios laughed as the open gig came to a stop outside the mews of her country ch√Ęteau nestled in the vineyards of Champagne in the northeast of France. At this time of the night, the stables were deserted. She had convinced Marcel, the faithful stable master, to take the night off, since she didn’t know at what time she would be getting home and she wanted the now frail old man to rest when he could. Easier to pass for a spoilt heiress with tantrums and illogical requests than a caring employer; Marcel would never tolerate pity.
At another lurid whisper in her ear, she doubled over with laughter. “Stop it!”
Her tall, darkly handsome companion released the reins and turned to her.
“Why?” he asked. “I was enjoying myself.”
She shook her head. “A bit too much, in fact.” Adri settled her back against the plump cushion of her seat.
He chuckled. “Tell me you didn’t love it when Madame de Bergeron’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she watched us dance?”
In a lightning-quick move, she rushed forward and shoved him out of the carriage. “You dirty bastard! Thank goodness I introduced you as a family friend, and not my brother. Even I am above rumors of incestuous liaisons.”


Grab your copy of these Prequels, and dive into the world of Eternelles!

And please, help us price-match on Amazon by reporting the Free price tag from the other vendors.

You can also catch a peek at Seraphine's prequel at Nat's site here.

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Have a lovely Sunday, ye all! (and yes, please, please, please, grab your copy of our Free prequels! *grin*)

From Mauritius with love,



Sarah W said...

I note that there's no description of her companion, yet . . . very mysterious!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Who is this man she's with? Intrigued!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol, Sarah! Description coming very soon :)

Zee Monodee said...

Hmm, glad I got you tickled there, Karen :)

Cindy Amrhein said...

Is it really her brother or no? Curious.

History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

Siobhan Muir said...

I think you're missing a "not" between "Even I" and "above rumors". Great snippet, though. I can totally picture it, Zee. And thanks so much for the mention. :)

Sue Ann Bowling said...

I don't think Amazon's price-matching any more. I dropped the price on Tourist Trap from the publisher months ago, and Amazon's still charging more than the publisher (or than Barnes and Noble.) I'll have to try Smashwords again, though I haven't figured out how to get theirs on my reader.

Linda said...

He doesn't sound like a brother so much, I wonder who he is and what she means by incestuous liaisons.

Jess Schira said...

Lots of mystery in this snippet. Very compelling.

Nana Prah said...

I look forward to reading more blogs from you.

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