Sunday, June 23, 2013

From #Free #Eternelles Prequel ADRASTEIA: Adri's darker side...

Hey beautiful people!

Still frightfully cold here. Guess what? We're under the influence of an anticyclone (meaning biting winds, lots of humidity, no sun, lots of rain) and this cold front built up from...Antarctica! Whoo-hoo...NOT! Blastedly cold right now here - heaters working overtime and not cutting down on the bite any. *sigh* So this means no better time to hunker down with fatty comfort food, hot chocolate or chai, and a good book or movie from under a heavy quilt or afghan. Hello, life of decadence...while you're hunkering down with cold!

Anyhow, it's Sunday, and it's time for a snippet. Good news - ADRASTEIA, my prequel for the PNR/UF series Eternelles co-written with my bestie Natalie G. Owens, went free on all platforms last Sunday. Yep, it is now available for free on Amazon! Still no luck on the UK link, but we're working on it. Thank you to everyone who reported for the price matching! You've been amazing!

Last week, I showed you Ares, Adri's foster brother and the Greek god of War. The sibling duo got into a 'serious' talk, and today's snippet follows from where we left off. Adri's thoughts veer back to her life so far, as well as the reality of her origins. Not too pleasant memories for her...because they bring forth the darker side of her psyche that she has indulged in so far.

Here's a glimpse for you:

He frowned as he reached for her hand. “More of what?”
“Life. This. Everything.”
She wasn’t making much sense. How could she have gotten so overwrought all of a sudden? She had lived for nearly twenty-eight centuries on this earth, notwithstanding her first hundred years spent on Mount Olympus in the home of her foster father, Zeus. Living—thriving more than surviving—had always been a piece of cake. Adri didn’t kid herself; she wasn’t a saint. She loved manipulation, plots, secrets, affecting potential outcomes. Yes, she loved to play, and with people, at that. She didn’t run away from her maenad side, embracing it instead. Maenads held mystic power over crowds, able to bend the will of groups and mobs alike whenever it suited them.
She closed her eyes. The reality she refused to face most of the time, the one of her origins, slammed straight into her consciousness, and the energy to brace for the shock couldn’t be summoned. No way out of facing her truth.


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And don't forget to check the official Snippet Sunday list on FB. Awesome peeps on there are Sarah Wesson, Karen Michelle Nutt, Joanne Stewart, Mona Rodriguez, Lorraine Paton, Joyce Scarbrough, and Linda.

Hope ye all are having a warmer Sunday than us here.

From Mauritius with love,



Linda said...

Great snippet again. And of course Ares could never understand, man problem. ;)
After so long, Adri has still so much to deal with.

P.T.Wyant said...

Nicely done!

Mona Rodriguez said...

You can feel her turmoil. Nice snippet!

Siobhan Muir said...

Great snippet, Zee. I remember drinking Chai and I miss it, but I don't have a recipe for it. I'll just have to dream about it now. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting snippet. At least she doesn't deceive herself.

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