Saturday, June 08, 2013

#MySexySaturday: Another peek from The Other Side (Coming out in July with @DecadentPub)

Hey peeps!

It's Saturday again, and I'm writing this from my phone (miracles of modern technology, eh?) while dancing the car between gym sessions, jujitsu practice, and maths tuition. Joys of being a modern parent...not!

Anyhow, writing is my sanity, and nothing gives me a boost as getting to share my work with the rest of the world.
And hallowed be this new weekend meme - wink & thanks at Lynn!

So... My Sexy Saturday is about sexy snippets in our work. But those who know me and know my writing will reckon that my type of sexy most often veers on sensual and/or atmospheric type of build up. I'm not really the push-her-against-the-wall-the-minute-the-door-is-closed kind of writer (though I have written this way in some other works). My writing is more women's fiction and/or romantic comedy so the sexy comes from little details in the mood and tone.

Ready for a little more atmosphere? I'm back in the hospital corridor from last week. My heroine, Lara, is of Indian descent, and in her teenage years, she loved white boy Eric. Things didn't go as planned between them, and Lara ended up marrying a proper Indian boy. The marriage crumbled, and she returns to Mauritius to take a one-in-a-lifetime job.

Last week, her path crossed that of Eric again. We continue from where we left off - 7 more paragraphs.

The voice made its way into her perception, and she couldn’t suppress the relief that flooded her. His voice had always had such power over her.

He still hasn’t recognised me.

She’d changed a lot in the past decade, and with her head still bent forward, her hair shielded her face. She wanted to escape. She wanted to close her eyes, and then open them to find it had all been a dream. Or a nightmare.

But this was real, and how long could she remain incognito?
Lara swallowed painfully. Of all the people from her past, fate had had to choose that precise person to shove along her path.

All of this battled inside her mind as she allowed him to lead her to a sofa. After having lowered her into her seat with extreme care and gentleness, her saviour sat down next to her, turning to face her profile. The movement triggered the air to move around him, and the smell of his aftershave—fresh, spicy, and very elusive—filled her nostrils and made its way into her foggy mind.

He still smells the same. Like a cool sea breeze wafting through the unique musk of a man’s warm skin.


Don't forget to check the other fab authors posting on the meme this week. Find them at this link. Among them are Lynn Crain & Jessica E. Subject.

Hope ye're all having a lovely Saturday!

From Mauritius with love,



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