Sunday, April 27, 2014

The LIGHT MY WORLD Tour: Last week! #99cents #kindle #decadentpub #Mauritius

Hey beautiful people!

It's been a whirlwind these past 3 weeks with Light My World's release and all the stops at the place sof these awesome, amazing, lovely people who have welcomed me to share the word about the book!

It's with a sad heart that I say 'goodbye' to the promo tour for Book 2 of the Island Girls Trilogy today...but before that, let me show you where we've stopped this week.

April 21 - Tessa Berkley welcomes me over with a delicious spotlight!

April 22 - my fantabulous CP & fantastic author, Jessica E. Subject, threw me a challenge for this stop: she wanted to know about Mauritius...but not as it pertains to the book only, but also as a touristic destination! Come check out some stunning, 'unknown' places to check out on my beautiful island!

April 23 -

The lovely Teri Riggs hosts me - I answer the question of "Why you should follow your heart" on her blog!

And total sweetheart Elizabeth Morgan has me over on her blog with an in-depth interview that delves into my writing process and more about what books mean to me.

April 24 - My former CP but still close friend, Chicki Brown, spotlights the book on her blog!

April 25 - Last stop on the tour... Landra Graf asks me over to her blog, Rise of the Slush. I pen a guest post about my rise from the slushpile - how you should follow your heart to write that story which will take you all the way to the sky!

And you can still catch both Light My World & The Other Side (Books 2 & 1, respectively, of the Island Girls Trilogy) at the reduced price of 99cents for a few more days on Kindle (Amazon US)
Here are the links:

From Mauritius with love,



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