Sunday, April 13, 2014

The LIGHT MY WORLD Tour this week: where has it stopped?

Hey beautiful people!

Yes, I know - finally a post from me here (on my own blog...cripes!) But anywho, I've been hopping on some people's places this week for the release and promo of Light My World, Book 2 of the island Girls Trilogy.

So here's where I and the book have been! I hope you'll stop by these amazing peeps' blogs. We have interviews, excerpts, spotlights - I always love seeing how they're gonna take my ramblings and make it look like something worth reading!

Here we go:

April 8 (release day) - Lynn Spangler welcomed us on her blog. She asked me for a guest post, and after racking my brain, the words "write what you know" blinked like neon, and this became the topic for the post!

April 9 - Kathy Bosman interviews me! Uhm, cannot believe I wrote those answers that seem to make actual sense.... Oh, and there's 3 quirky things you might not know about me!

And April 9 also had my stop on the Decadent Ubuntu Blog Hop - I featured Light My World, of course (never seen before excerpt!), and wrote it all around the topic of overbearing Indian mothers whether in India or Africa!

April 10 - 2 stops!!

Tara Andrews asks me over - this one features on the research behind Light My World. I focused mainly on the setting/backdrop for the book!

Jane Wakely spotlights the book! And she features an exclusive excerpt!

April 11 - Interview at Leigh Ellwood's blog! Tons of fun with this one! Find out why Light My World was the 'easiest' book to write!

April 12 - Libby Waterford asks some questions - like why are Diya and Trent perfect for each other!

More to come next week, guys, but in the meantime, up there is where you'll find more about Light My World and about me!

Happy Sunday/weekend!

From Mauritius with love,



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