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Sneak Preview Pages 12-14: WINDS OF CHANGE (Island Girls #3) releasing June 6, 2014

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Welcome back for some more mayhem and chaos from Neha's life. She's not ready for what's about to hit her, lol :) Today, meet the hero, Logan.

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Lara gave her a brook-no-nonsense glare. “For now.” She paused. “Tell you what. I was on the phone just yesterday with a university friend. He and his business partner have opened a branch of World Global Network here. You know, the Internet TV and radio station. I kept thinking you’d be perfect for a job there with your qualifications.”

Neha put her hand up. “Don’t get me wrong, but no. It would seem too much like favouritism if I landed a job there when you’re friends with the owner.”

Lara chuckled. “You’ll go through the interview process like any other candidate. Swear to God.”

Suddenly, the idea of a job didn’t appear so dreadful. Finance-wise, she lay nowhere near the red, but for how long could she keep this up? She’d enrolled the kids in private school, which cost some dough.

“What do you have to lose?” Lara asked.

Nothing, and she’d gain a purpose. The image of her with a dirty apron and a cleaning spray in her hand, as Suzanne had pointed out earlier, materialized in her mind and she flinched. That wasn’t her real purpose in life, innit?

Maybe for once, she could prove she’d be worth something outside the house; that she, too, could become acquainted with corporate career heights. Some days, she hated being the middle sister, the sensible, neutral ground, as her father affectionately described her.

Well, to hell with neutral. She wouldn’t go to extremes, either, since Lara and Diya handled those really well already, but make her mark she would.

“I’d be treated like all other candidates?” she asked.

“Yup. Do I call him?”

Neha gulped, and nodded. Lara pulled out her BlackBerry and punched in a number after scrolling through her call log.

“Griffin? Hi, it’s Lara,” she said as she stood and exited the kitchen.

A few moments later, she walked back in, a triumphant smile on her face. “You have an appointment on Monday, one o’clock. Their offices are located in cybertower one at Ebène cybercity.”

Neha’s stomach did flips and somersaults, but she had to contain her jitters when she faced another, dreadful, perspective lying in ambush for her.

“Now you definitely need a makeover,” Diya said. “I’ll book us all at the spa tomorrow, in case you’ll think of escaping.”

Neha groaned. What had she gotten herself into?




This is it. Today, I’ll finally kill him.

Logan Warrington stared across the steel and glass desk in his office at his business partner. “You did what?”

Why, in heaven’s name, did he allow Griffin McDougall to become his best friend? On some days, he swore Griffin didn’t have half a brain. Erasing him from the surface of the Earth would be no big loss for mankind. Might even be a blessing.

“Come on, Logan. I only gave a candidate an appointment.”

“For one of the most important jobs of the station. Someone you know nothing about, for whom you don’t have a CV, or an application letter.” He sighed. “What were you thinking? Or have you again blown the fuse on your logical reasoning?”

“It’s no big deal. An appointment is all. Give her a chance.”

Logan stood and went around the large table, facing the man with whom he co-owned the Mauritian branch of World Global Network. Too much anger inside, beating a dull throb in his veins, for him to remain seated and exchange polite niceties with Griff.

“Forget about her. She, whoever she is, is not getting an interview. What I really want to know is how, and when, you’ve had the time to do all this behind my back, eh.”

Griffin shrugged, eyes downcast as he squirmed in his seat. Logan took a step toward him, and the repressed tension inside him must’ve been tangible, for his friend jumped up and backed away.

With every inch he advanced, he rolled up the cuffs of his long-sleeved shirt. The mere sight of his beefy forearms and clenched fists would be enough to make any man shit in his trousers, and he had the satisfaction of seeing Griffin’s fair face pale further. But he made the threatening gesture more for emphasis than anything else. Griff knew he’d never hurt him, or anyone else for that matter, but he expected a modicum of respect and consideration in an operation equally half his responsibility. And here the clown had gone and played him for a mighty fool. Rules and frameworks existed for a purpose, dammit. How would he extricate himself from this tricky situation? What would he do, first of all, with the sad case in his office?

Something akin to apprehensive doubt glinted in Griffin’s pale gaze. At least, he’d unsettled the little nitwit. For Griff proved the biggest nitwit this side of the equator…and for Logan, the one person he could count on in any circumstance. Griffin was a sensible man. Usually. If one didn’t count the time when Griff got tangled with the ex-wife of a gang leader. This stinking peat bog had to do with a woman, too.

Griffin had backed into the wall, forced to stop in his tracks. Logan came to a stop a few inches from him, his fists against the wall on either side of the lanky man’s neck. Griffin’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed in trepidation.

Oh yes, he appeared like a right arse, but Griff knew he never turned the other cheek. Face the consequences of all your actions, and no other way around; he did strive toward this philosophy from his upbringing in one of the most crime-ridden areas of Wellington in New Zealand.

“Cancel it.”

Griffin swallowed again.

He raised his voice, though he kept his tone chillingly cold. “Cancel. It.”



“Security called before I came to your office. She’s…she’s on her way up.”

He clenched his fists, the sound of his cracking knuckles echoing in the stillness of the room. Griffin’s deep-set, pale-grey eyes grew as big as saucers, as if they would pop from his skull.

“Who the hell is she, Griff, that you’d be willing to risk my wrath? We had a deal. You don’t poke your nose in my side of the business and I don’t poke mine in yours.”

The other man gulped audibly. “She’s Lara’s sister.”

Lara. Logan sighed and swore. He should’ve known. The woman—the married woman—Griffin had been hopelessly in love with at university. “She knew she could get you to bend the rules for her, didn’t she?”

“It’s not like so, Logan, I swear. This girl has all we’re looking for. She’s the perfect fit.”

Wrong, he yearned to scream. Instead, he tensed his arms a tad more, making his muscles ripple with the coiled tension in them. Griffin swallowed hard again.

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