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Sneak Preview Pages 36-38: WINDS OF CHANGE (Island Girls #3) releasing June 6, 2014

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We're reaching the conclusion of Chapter 2 here - will there be a game changer thrown into the plot, especially to make Logan civil with Neha again? Read on to find out!

And yay - this book comes out officially tomorrow!!!

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The walls of the house closed on him, making him suffocate with the need to be out and about. Bloody hell. Why did he have to think of the past? He banged his fist into a wall and didn’t wince when another knuckle tore open. Some would think boxers had strong hands, but they’d be surprised how a little insignificant action could injure hands rendered fragile by too many punches.

Not bothering with the blood seeping down his finger and drying into an ugly scab, he stormed out of the villa and headed for his car. After sliding behind the wheel, he started the engine and set out on the road toward the cyber village of Ebène and the cybertower housing the station.

He’d planned to work from home today, but the prospect had turned to custard. Being in the station’s setting would ease his mind, and hopefully, make him forget New Zealand.

The memories refused to clear from his mind, and he gave in to their tug with reluctance.

Privilege. He chuckled with bitterness. Privilege had lured his mother and saddled her with two sons, before dumping her back unmarried and on her own in a shack in Newtown, the poorest working-class suburb of Wellington back in the days when he’d been young.

Anne Warrington carried to her grave the name of the man who had fathered her children. Logan had never been able to extract anything about him out of her.

The only time she spoke about him happened when Logan came home flanked by two police officers, at fourteen, after having been involved in a fight in the rowdiest pub in the area.

After one glance at his bloodied fists and bruised face, she'd asked him if he preferred to be feared or respected. Fear proved easy to stir, but respect wasn’t easy to earn. Privilege won’t earn you respect, she’d added. A wistful sadness had tinged her words, and he’d known she thought back to her own life. Seeing an opening, he’d prompted if his father came from that world, getting an affirmative reply.

To this day, Logan still carried those words in his mind. They’d been the ones to forge his character, made him strive for more when he could have settled into one of the racist, bullying gangs in the neighbourhood.

The sight of a bright yellow car on the side of the road caught this attention. The driver seemed to be replacing a flat tyre at the back, sunlight reflecting off shiny black hair.

A woman? Should he go help? She appeared alone, pulling the heavy spare out of the boot herself.

As he parked a few feet behind the Citroën, his stomach lurched when he glimpsed the driver from up close. Neha Hemant. Bugger. Why her? He wouldn’t take the easy way out, however. She could probably use a hand. He stepped out of the SUV and walked toward her. She glanced up and brushed the hair from her face, to leave a small trace of dark grease on her flawless cheek. Her eyes widened when they locked on him, and she muttered something he couldn’t quite hear.

His gut told him she’d sworn.

“Need a hand?” he asked.

She fixed him with a dark, even glare and went about her task of dragging the spare next to the punctured one. “No. Thanks. I can manage.”

She carried on with changing the flat, and her lack of further conversation or glance in his direction made him think she ignored him completely. However, when the time came to pull the tyre from the chassis, she visibly struggled.

He knelt by her side and settled his hands on the black Michelin rubber surface to tug it out for her.

Logan received the surprise of his life when she slapped his hand away.

“Don’t you dare,” she said in a low growl.

Too stunned to react, for even his temper had been dumbstruck, he sat there in a squat as she huffed and wrestled with the tyre, finally wrenching it free.

The weight and the sudden give knocked her off balance, and she fell back. He shot an arm out to catch her before she hit the hard asphalt.

She shrugged away from his touch and continued with her task.

“Let me help,” he again said.

She bowed her head, and her hair fanned about like a curtain at the sides of her face to block the sight of her features. After a few seconds, her body started shaking.

Bugger, no. She was crying?

At a loss, Logan reasoned he could at least finish the task for her, since she sat in no fit state to continue. She’d probably inflict some injury upon herself.

He put the spare tyre in place and had started to screw it back in, when she snatched the spanner from his hand and proceeded to secure the bolts.

“I said I could do it. I don’t like accepting favours.” She turned to face him, her huge eyes glistening with tears, yet her voice had an incredible hardness when she calmly said, “It’s a question of principle.”

Touché. He didn’t know what to say, his wit having deserted him.

“What is it with everyone?” She rambled without looking at him. “Why do you all think I’m not up to par to achieve anything on my own? Why take me out of the comfy little cotton box, right?” She snorted. “Does your mother drive you insane, Logan?”

She continued before he could answer.

“No, I bet not. She wouldn’t dare, would she? Mine would drive anyone over the edge. Because I’m looking for a job, she’s got it in her head I’m out looking for a man to warm my bed.” She snorted. “Everyone’s conspiring to drive me crazy. Why can’t anyone accept how some people have more dignity than to accept favours? All I’m doing is trying to look after my kids in an honest way. How will I have respect for myself if all I do is give in to favours?”

She stopped and stared straight at him.

“Why am I telling you all this? You’ve already put me in a box and labelled it as ‘cheap and worthless’, innit?”

Logan’s skin crawled with shame. Heat burnt his dignity. Did he do that? Bloody hell, where would his respect for himself go if such was the case?

Processing all this in his mind, he startled when Neha got up and pulled all the tools around them in her hands. She stepped up and around to the boot of her car, placing the metal objects in a corner at the back.

He heaved the flat tyre and dropped it in the stow, under her angry glare.

“I said I can—”

“I know. You can do it. I wanted to help, that’s all.”

 “Thanks.” She muttered the word while closing the hatchback door. She rushed to the front without another glance, for all intents dismissing him as if he were nothing more than a speck of dust in the air around her.

Why didn’t such a callous treatment make him fly into a temper?

Her previous words rang in his head.

What sort of woman did it take to attempt a tyre switch when she could simply call for help or hail someone to do it for her?

A woman who doesn’t ask for favours.

He’d been an arse.

He strolled over to the driver’s window and bent forward until his face drew level with hers.

“Two weeks’ trial. You start Monday.”

Once back at his car, he stopped by the door. Closing his eyes, he prayed he’d taken the right decision.

Something told him he had. The same something that made him realize Neha had remarkable similarities with a woman he respected more than anything.

His mother.

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Sneak Preview Pages 33-35: WINDS OF CHANGE (Island Girls #3) releasing June 6, 2014

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Welcome back! So, Logan's got a tattoo... it appears Neha's not immune to its certain charm.... But will she be able to stand her ground in front of beast-like Logan?

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She didn’t realize she’d started in his direction until the distance between them disappeared like ice melted under a hot, searing sun. Every step she took drew her to him like an invisible tug of a rope binding her to his presence. Within seconds, she stood in front of him.

Being up close gave her a magnified view of how the beads of water lingered on the sprinkling of dark blond hair on his chest. She trailed her riveted gaze over him, to peer into his face.

The tautness of his jaw curled a whisper of fear in her stomach, and like the first time she’d seen him, his intense eyes bored into hers, hard and fiery.

Her mouth went dry under his penetrating scrutiny.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, softly.

Too softly. “I…I had to talk to you.”

“About what?”

Blast it, he could be so intimidating. Everything around them melted, Neha caught in another world where only she and this man existed.

Never in her life had she experienced anything as arresting. Uncertainty and unrest battled inside her, rendering all coherent thought incoherent in her brain.

I wanted to see you again. The notion flitted in her head, and she shook out of it. What could be wrong with her? What spell had Logan woven on her?

Then she remembered how his face had haunted her conscious and subconscious mind since the fateful call from Griffin. “It’s…about the job. Why did you deny me a chance?”

He clenched his jaw. How could he appear even more severe?

“I gave you a chance. The interview.”

“Yes, but—”

“But nothing. I didn’t think I could appoint you. End of the matter.” He stepped away and brushed past her on the way to his car.

Neha tried to catch up with his long strides as she followed. “But Griffin says you thought I had the capabilities for it.”

He stopped and turned to face her. “You spoke with Griff?” His voice hummed low, a chilling growl.

She gulped back, afraid to answer him.

After a few seconds, he shook his head and gave a chuckle. “You’re more resourceful than I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

He crossed the distance between them with one step, to stand right in front of her. “You really don’t know what I mean? Come on, I gave you a lot more credit than that.”

It dawned on her then what he implied with his words. “I never asked for a favour.”

“Okay. And why should I believe you?”

Neha got sucked into his gaze again. He wreaked havoc on her senses, played dangerous catch with her rationality. “You’re not giving me a fair chance,” she whispered.


She nodded.

He grinned, a slow, lazy tug of his lips. A shiver ran down her back.

“You come from an upper class family, don’t you?” he asked.

“What’s it got to do with it?”

“Everything. I don’t bow to privilege. It’s a matter of principle.”

Stunned, she remained frozen while he reached his BMW and climbed onto the towel-draped seat. The door closed with a slam, and he eased out of his parking space in a swift reverse, leaving the beach in a cloud of sand.

How could he presume so much about her? He’d been abrupt and rude, treating her as if she were the lowliest form of life, unworthy of even his contempt.

Tears stung her eyes, and she quelled them back. Sod it, she didn’t cry easily. Why would she shed tears for a monster like him? Men like Logan proved smart and ruthless. They didn’t become businessmen for nothing—only sharks survived in their world.

How could she have thought she’d set the record straight? Skewed meant twisted forever in men like Logan’s books. He had formed a picture about her and nothing she did or said would change it.

Why should she bother? She had nothing to lose or gain through his acceptance or contempt of her.

With a resolute step, Neha walked back to her car and got in.

To hell with Logan Warrington. That’s where he could burn to meaningless ashes in fires consuming him whole, like the heat searing her whenever she approached him.

Don’t think of him. She mentally slapped herself. Don’t even dare to imagine the warmth emanating off him like a hypnotic spell. Or his mind-blowing tattoo.

Starting the engine and pressing her foot on the accelerator after shifting into reverse gear, she encountered a solid rock behind one of the back tyres as she tried to move the vehicle out of the parking. Finally pulling over it after flooring the pedal, she swerved out onto the road and headed back toward her home and sanctuary.




The gall of her. She’d dared to come face him. With Griffin’s help. Who else but Griffin would tell her where to find him so early on a Saturday?

That’s it. Griff is a dead man today.

Logan thumped the steering wheel as he pulled into the courtyard of his residential complex, about half a mile from the Flic en Flac beach. After stopping the engine, he stepped out of the car, ripped the wet towel from the front seat, and stalked toward his terraced villa as the door slammed closed behind him. Once inside, he headed straight for the shower, to wash the grainy salt crystals from his body.

She had guts. Most people wouldn’t dream of stepping in front of him unless forced, yet she’d come to him of her own free will. Had she been brave, or stupid?

Wouldn’t be the first time a woman thought him an egg. A mass of muscle and flesh, all right, but who could be reduced to mush by a woman’s pleading and tears.

Jessica, his ex-girlfriend, had made the mistake, trying to control him and draw whatever she wanted of him. She’d played on the little softness he’d had left in him, using her fragile, ethereal beauty and faked innocence to trap him in her wiles. As young as he’d been, why wouldn’t he have fallen for her? How could a street kid not fly high when a lady from the upper class fell head over heels for him?

He cursed as he got out from under the water spray and dried himself then changed into jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. Why was he thinking of her? Jessica earned good riddance in his book. She’d been born into privilege and expected it at every turn, not stopping to think twice about hurting others or twisting everything to get what she wished for.

Jessica had shown him the bad side of the coin. And here Neha Hemant thought she could twist her way to get what she wanted.

If Logan hated one thing more than anything, it was to be taken for granted. People with money and background and a “name” always did so, irrespective of location in the world. 

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Sneak Preview Pages 30-32 : WINDS OF CHANGE (Island Girls #3) releasing June 6, 2014

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How would you deal with an overbearing mother? Think Neha cut it down to size here? And *sigh*, there's more trouble afoot for her...especially in the form of a delicious tattoo....

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pages 27-29 here.

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Neha grimaced then bit the inside of her lower lip. She should’ve been expecting such an outburst from her mother, who loved nothing more than to ramble on about propriety and etiquette and social conventions to her daughters.

Gently, she extricated her arm from the iron grip. “Mum, let’s not argue, okay? I don’t have time for this.”

You don’t have time for this? Just like you won’t have time for your family once you get a job?”

Her mother placed a heavy stress on the last three words, and Neha wished she could throw caution to the wind and tell her mother to can it. But she couldn’t do that, so she opted for another approach. “Mum, money doesn’t grow on trees, you know. I need to start providing for my family.”

“Then get yourself a husband.”

She threw her hands up. “You really believe it’s so simple? And my husband ain’t officially dead yet, either.”

“Don’t say ‘ain’t’, Neha. It’s bad grammar,” her mother said in a scolding voice. “And what nonsense about needing money. We’re all here. Ask and your father and sisters will provide for everything you need.”

Strike the Pause button. Close your eyes. Count to three. Breathe. The drill Lara and Diya always spoke about when their mother got on their case. She could, for the first time, empathize with them with perfect clarity.

“Mum, I’m not a charity case.”

“Of course, you aren’t. Why would you be, when you still have us, your family, to look after you?”

This conversation wouldn’t get them anywhere, and she didn’t want an argument. How would she convince her mother? She’d never understand. “Mum, please. Grant me this, okay? A few hours is all I’m asking for.”

“Fine.” Her mother huffed. “But let me assure you this is far from over.”

When is it ever over with you? The thought brushed her mind with such sudden insight she almost reeled.

“Who are you meeting?”

She didn’t want to keep at this, but the sooner she answered, the easier she could get away. “Someone from a radio and TV station.”

Her mother shook her head. “You’re setting yourself up for a bad life, Neha. Think of the children. What will people say when they’ll know you left them to go work in the media?”

I know, Mum—dealing drugs isn’t as bad as a career in the hedonistic media. That’s the way every one of her mother’s generation thought. She however remained silent, letting the chastising comments drone on.

“Tread carefully. You’re an easy target for men to exploit now, Neha. Look where you’re stepping.”

“I will, Mum.” Breathe.

The other woman then made a move toward the house. “Thank goodness I’m here should the children wake up….”

Neha tuned out the rest of her comments as she slid behind the wheel of her Citroën C4 Picasso, pressing her back to the seat to heave for breath. She wouldn’t let her mother get to her. Her sisters always managed with their overbearing parent, didn’t they? No reason why she wouldn’t, either. Blast it, why did anger make her come out of her bubble? Her mother had been water on a duck’s back then. And damn Logan Warrington! Because of him, nothing fitted into her locked brain corner anymore.

Focus, she told herself. You have some tough times ahead of you, worse than Mum.

Easing into traffic and heading toward the west of the island, a smile grew on her face as she steered the car along and away from the madness of her life with her mother around.

The roads stretched empty at this time of the morning, and she reached the tourist village a little over forty minutes later. Slowing down as she entered the area, she searched for an indication of the location of the fish landing station. She had no idea where it could be, and toured the whole stretch of the as yet deserted public beach with no success.

She found a police officer and asked him for directions to the fish landing station. Following his explanations, she headed toward the entry of the village and one of the first access routes to the beach. As she started down the path, she understood why she hadn’t seen it, right next to a restaurant. The lane stretched very narrow and rocky, easily mistaken for a residential cul-de-sac.

She ambled the car over a speed-breaking hump and allowed the vehicle to emerge onto an asphalted area. The sea appeared within arm’s reach, boats and fishermen’s dinghies swaying to the rhythm of the gentle wind and waves. In the distance, about two hundred yards from the beach, lay the deep sea, its big waves crashing onto the coral reefs sheltering the lagoon. To the far right, a break of about fifty yards in the corals allowed boats to pass across into the high sea.

Neha spotted a steep incline at the end of the asphalted parking bay, leading to the grassy-area bordering the beach. She stopped her gaze on Logan’s black BMW X5, the one she’d seen in the parking of the cyber tower in the space reserved for their office’s director.

Easing her car until she reached the massive SUV, she cut the engine and stepped out, her sandal-clad feet landing with a muffled thump onto the humid sand.

The overwhelming, iodine-tang of sea salt assaulted her nostrils, along with the heavier, denser smell of dead corals and algae. She sneezed a few times, her eyes blurring with tears. A sharp wind picked up, blowing her loose hair into her face.

As she pulled the strands back and blinked to clear the tears from her eyes, she caught sight of a man swimming toward the shore. The visual rooted her to her spot.

With his arms tense and bulging with muscles, Logan sliced through the water with almost impertinent ease. As he approached the beach, he pulled himself up to a standing position, the seawater running down his hard and fit body like beads of sparkling crystals. They rolled over his broad chest and taut abdomen, losing themselves in his dark swimming trunks, to find a path back to earth over his powerful, thickly muscled thighs and calves.

She gulped back. He had an arresting body, as captivating as his roughly virile face. Every pore of his breathtaking tanned skin oozed sensuality and a promise he burnt with an even hotter fire inside. A fire that could scorch a woman and consume her spirit and soul when he made love to her.

A darker part of his body caught her attention, a complex tattoo covering the upper part of his right arm. Neha exhaled a soft puff of air. The intricate weaving of thick lines etched in what seemed to her to be a tribal design, all the way from his elbow to the dip of his collarbone.

He is tattooed! She ran the tip of her tongue out to moisten her dry lips. Drat, she could picture herself running her hands over the beautiful design, to trace its curves and sinews with the pads of her fingers.

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Sneak Preview Pages 27-29: WINDS OF CHANGE (Island Girls #3) releasing June 6, 2014

Hey ye all!

Oh, lookie - the dreadfully dreaded Mrs. Hemant (Neha's mum!) makes her loud appearance. Who said Neha had an easy life?

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pages 21-23 here;
pages 24-26 here.

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Afternoon turned to evening in a haze of red-toned anger and grey disbelief, the intense colours merging in her brain to provide a strangely disturbing, stomach-heaving hue that made her want to wretch as bad as morning sickness. Trust such a beast of a man to turn everything topsy-turvy, so even morning nausea happened late in the evening. When she realized what she strung together with Logan’s name, mortification flamed through her. Morning sickness meant pregnancy, which, in turn, meant sex. Sex with a hunk like Logan—

No! She had to push these notions into the dark, unused corner.

But late in the evening, the idea of a scornful expression on the big blond man’s handsome face still taunted her, refusing to remain confined behind the lock she’d placed inside her brain. Somehow, this wrong perception would haunt her until she set the record straight and erased the disgusted smirk from his features.

Once alone in the kitchen while the children watched TV in the adjoining room, she scrolled through her cell’s call logs for Griffin’s number.

“Hi, it’s Neha,” she said as soon as he picked up. “So, he’s rejecting me because of some notion he has, not because of my capabilities.”

Griffin didn’t answer right away. “You could say that.”

She’d guessed Logan Warrington would be an inflexible man, but to push it this far? “This makes no sense and you know it. Why would I do this? He needs to see the reasoning behind all this, Griff.”

Griffin gave a small, sarcastic laugh. “I’m not sure reason and Logan are acquainted. Believe me, I tried to explain, but he would have none of it.”

Just what she needed to hear. She would really need to spell out everything as it had taken place, and in person, face to face. No other way to ensure such a false idea did not remain clinging to her. “I need to speak to him, as earliest as possible.”

“I’m not sure it’s to be advised. You’ll need guts to stand up to him. Not that I don’t think you have them,” he hastily said.

“Can I come to your office tomorrow, to meet with him?”

He didn’t say anything.

“Griffin, please help me here.”

After another long pause, he spoke. “He won’t be coming in tomorrow. He’ll be working from home through the office VPN connection.”

“But I need to see him. What about Monday, then?” Neha had no trouble decoding his silence after a few seconds. “He’ll refuse to see me. Is that it?”

“You could say so….”

She fell in a slump on a nearby sofa in the corner of the room. “What have I done to him?”

“Neha, it’s not your fault.”

She snorted, allowing the unlady-like sound to escape her and not bothering how it’d make her appear. “Just my luck, huh?”

“Aw, come on,” Griffin said in a coaxing tone.

She had no way out.


Taking a deep breath to steel her resolve and fuel her courage, for the idea tickling her brain struck senseless at best and totally crazy at worst, she asked, “Where does he live?”

“Why would you ask this?”

“Griff, I need to present my case. One chance. Then I promise I’ll give up.”

The emotion thrummed heavy in her voice; Griffin must’ve heard it, too.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this but I’m going to do it.” He paused. “I don’t really know the roads here, so I can’t give you precise directions to his house. But you can catch him early in the morning at the Flic en Flac beach, near the fish landing station. He goes for a swim every day, usually around eight on weekends.”

She had her opportunity. “Thanks, Griff.”

“Good luck, Neha,” he said and cut the call.




When morning came after a restless night where a snickering, laughing face haunted her erratic sleep, Neha reckoned she sat on the fence.

Should she, or shouldn’t she go meet Logan?

They said night brought wise counsel when you slept on an issue. So far, she hadn’t found any counsel whatsoever, wise or stupid. The only thing she’d achieved were bags under eyes and kinks in her whole body for having tossed and turned so much.

The clock on the mantel in the living room read quarter past seven.

If she left right away to go to the Flic en Flac beach, she’d reach there in no less than forty-five minutes. Right at the time when Logan would be out at the seaside.

Think about it, girl. He’s got the wrong idea about you.

Why that mattered, she had no idea, but the mere thought of knowing someone thought her to be despicable, especially when the notion arose from skewed circumstances, proved enough to get her hackles rising. And when the someone happened to be Logan….

With a deep inhale, she went into the kitchen, straight for the side table where she reached for the car keys with one hand and for the pen with another. She scribbled a note to the children: she was going out and they needed to put their breakfast together. The kids were old enough to take care of themselves, and none of them would even surface from sleep before eleven. Good thing they were heavy sleepers.

As she crossed the threshold of the kitchen to go out to the garage, a sight stopped her in her tracks.

Her mother strolled down the driveway.

Neha groaned. Not her, and not now. She’d have to wing her way through an explanation as to why she was going out; her mother hadn’t been named the Inquisition Row for nothing.

Thinking of the reason for her leaving, and how her time ticked down if she wanted to meet him at the beach, she took another deep breath and faced her mother. “If there’s something you want me to do, I can’t. I need to go out.”

Her mother made a face. “Well, good morning to you, too.”

There it would come, the deluge of questions.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“I need to meet someone.” The older woman needn’t know the whole truth, either.

“Who?” The reply came accompanied by an equally dry stare.


“What for?”

Drat, she really had no escape, and the more she dallied around, the more time she’d lose. “It’s about a job.”

Her mother gave a startled gasp as she reached out and clasped her arm. “What is it with you? Why a job? Do you forget you have your children to look after? Who’ll take care of them if you’re at work? Is it because you’re suddenly free that all sort of silly notions are going through your mind? I thought you were more sensible than this, Neha, not one to try and emulate what your sisters have been doing all along.”

The eternal reminder she wasn’t like her sisters…. That, perhaps, she hadn’t been cut out of the same cloth as them and wouldn’t be able to do anything other than be a mum and housewife.

If her smouldering anger had needed anything to be revived, this comment would’ve done the trick.

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Sneak Preview Pages 24-26 : WINDS OF CHANGE (Island Girls #3) releasing June 6, 2014

Hey beautiful people!

Has Logan started to make more sense now as a business owner? Yes, he's still a hot head, but there's principle behind there...and Neha's gonna learn this the hard way!

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pages 12-14 here;
pages 15-17 here;
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pages 21-23 here.

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“Then why did you allow her the interview?”

“Because, she could’ve said we’d denied her an interview when the egg you are already assured her we’d give her one.” His control threatened to slip to the very edge of the cliff. Why couldn’t the bloody Scotsman understand this?

“You think I’d be stupid enough to go against the rules?”

Logan sent him a glare validating the statement.

“Okay, if it’s what you think. But,” he stopped, as if for emphasis. “I didn’t come out of one of the best London universities with an Llb in Law and Management for nothing. See, there is a clause stating we can appoint anyone we deem fit for a job after an interview and a two-week on-the-job trial.”

Bugger him. He cursed. Griff had anticipated his manoeuvre very well.

“Okay,” he said. “You may be within the scope of the book, but you’re way out of my book. I hate privileges, Griff. Everyone has to earn his keep. Neha Hemant hasn’t done so, and she’s not getting the job. Full stop.”




“He doesn’t want to give you the job because he thinks you pulled strings to get an interview.”

“What?” Neha yelled into the receiver. Feeling sorry for Griffin’s ears, she apologized.

What the fack was all this about?

“I’m sorry, Neha. I tried, but I couldn’t make him bend.”

She huffed. “It’s okay. Don’t worry.”

“You sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes. Yes. I’ll be fine. Thanks, Griff.”

“You take care, eh?” the man said softly.

“I will. You, too.” His gentle concern pacified some of her fury. Cutting the call with a press of her finger, she took a deep breath to try to calm herself down.

Inside, she let the scream loose.

How could he? How dare he? He thought she’d wheedled an interview out of Griff through her connections?

Speaking of the connections in question, her thoughts went to Lara, the full brunt of her anger turning onto her elder sister. Without pausing to think, she punched the speed-dial number for Lara’s mobile.

The call took a long time to reach, and seven rings to get her sister to pick up.

“Yes?” Lara’s voice came through thick and low, as if she were waking up.

At two in the afternoon?

“You said I’d be given the same consideration as any other candidate,” Neha exclaimed.


The soft reply incensed her. “Stop playing dumb, Lara. How could you do this to me?”

“Do what?” There came the sound of bed covers being swished to the side. “What’s gotten a bee in your bonnet, Neha?”

“I can’t believe you’re in bed at this hour!”

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ve been in meetings all this time and only got in a couple hours ago. Of course I’m entitled to some sleep.”

“At two o’clock?”

“Sweetie, it’s six AM here in New York.”

New York? “What are you doing there?”

“Conference,” Lara replied with weariness. “Never mind. What’s gotten you so high strung that you’re yelling?”

“I’m not yelling,” she yelled, and realized she’d done so one second after the words left her lips.

Shrugging the notion off, Neha couldn’t dislodge the anger from her as easily. Who cared if Lara had just gone to bed? The woman would look like an anti-ageing advert even if she went without sleep for days. Hadn’t it been the case, too, when Lara’s youngest had been born prematurely? Don’t think of it.

“About the interview. Griff just called me with a big fat rejection. And you know why? Because Logan Warrington thinks I pulled strings to get an appointment. Blast it, Lara. I just about died so much I was humiliated.”

“No one dies from humiliation, Neha.”

“As if you would know.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing. You can’t do anything because it would come across like I made people apologize for me.”

“Neha, listen, sweetie. You said yourself you had nothing to lose. So if it went wrong, just let it go, okay?”

Neha bit her lip. Such obvious truth in her sister’s words. How could she have let this get to her?

“Listen,” she said, “I’m sorry I yelled.” She pinched the bridge of her nose. “I so didn’t expect this.”

“I know, sweetie, and I’m sorry, too. My fault you’re in this predicament.”

The anger crashed, leaving her spent. What really had gotten a bee in her bonnet, as Lara had so rightly—she flinched—pointed out? Drat, she stood in over her head here, with no explanation why.

“Go back to sleep,” she told her sister.

Lara gave a small laugh. “No can do. I would’ve needed to get up at six-thirty anyway, got a meeting at eight. I’ll go soak in the tub for a while.”

“All right. When are you coming back?” she asked, in hopes of bringing the conversation back onto non-loaded territory.

“Tuesday, hopefully, if my flights aren’t delayed.”

“Well, I’ll see you next week, then.”

They said their goodbyes, and Neha cut the call.

After placing the phone on the kitchen table, she then let her forehead drop to touch the smooth wooden surface.

What had gotten into her? She never lashed out at anyone.

Damn Logan Warrington. All his fault she found herself wedged in this tight spot. Never in her life had anyone told her she’d done something not by the book. So how dare he think thus?

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