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What I'm preparing to unleash!

In the brand-new small town contemporary series, HAVISHAM PARK, that takes you to North Yorkshire where you'll meet the Beresford sisters - the 3 daughters of the late Earl of Havisham, and the modern peerage in the collection of 3 small villages making up the estate of the earldom.

You met Mary Beth Beresford, the youngest of the sisters, and also a supermodel battling anorexia, in WHISK ME UP.

Next, you will see BATTEN ME DOWN, the second book and the story of the middle sister, Carol Ann, a lawyer who hides a dark secret and is in Yorkshire to put good distance between her and the life she left in Chicago...

Then, eldest sister and reigning Countess of Havisham, Gracie Lou, brings you CARRY ME THROUGH, a heart-warming tale where this young woman who seems to have it all reveals the depths of her psyche and the hurt and loss she carries in her heart. Thank goodness, a hero is lying in wait to brighten her life!

The continuation of THE DAIMSBURY CHRONICLES series!

Get ready to meet more people from this small village in Surrey, England and get involved in their trials and tribulations as they seek to find love.

Discover the tale of Megha Saran as she battles breast cancer and her life gets embroiled with that of... Magnus Trammell, akin to the village's peerage and also one of the most notorious playboys in the world, in AGAINST ALL THE ODDS.

Megha is not the only one in the Saran family with love knocking on the door! Because Jari Saran, that elusive older hottie every Daimsbury woman has pined after, is not gay, after all...and Evelyn Morelli (Liam & Luke's mum!) will discover this first-hand in HOT FLASH OF LOVE!


Stand-alone contemporary romance, with a slight connection to The Daimsbury Chronicles, as you'll meet this hero in there!
THE BILLIONAIRE'S SECOND CHANCE BABY is the story of Stellan Elriksen, the best friend of Magnus Trammell and Lars Rutherford.
They say you never forget your first love...and for Stellan, that was Kelsey Clegg, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks when they were teenagers, and who is now one of the most acclaimed and loved authors of Great Britain. In the twenty-or so years of their separation, Kelsey has kept a terrible secret from Stellan...and it's about to blow out in their faces in the most spectacular of ways!


And...the continuation of the urban fantasy series co-written with Natalie G. Owens!

Written in an innovative fashion that mimics season arcs from popular TV series, come meet two immortal women who fight against the evils of the world.

INESCAPABLE - Eternelles: The Beginning (BOOK 1) Already Out!
INDOMITABLE - Eternelles: The Beginning (BOOK 2) Already Out!
IRRESISTIBLE - Eternelles: The Beginning (BOOK 3) Out Now!

DARK MENACE - Eternelles: The Chaos (BOOK 4)
CRUEL BETRAYAL -  Eternelles: The Chaos (BOOK 5)
SHIFTING TIDES - Eternelles: The Chaos (BOOK 6)