Friday, July 16, 2010

Progress Friday

2 weeks and the blog posts are rolling! Lol, I'll admit keeping up a daily blog is not easy, but it isn't the apprehensive, dreadful task I'd thought it to be. It requires lots of planning and lots of dedication, but it is definitely do-able!

So I've posted every single day of another week. I just found out that as long as I stick to a routine, things seem to flow fine. Mornings get lost somewhere between the inbox, FB, Twitter, and the blog. No point then in trying to fit writing in there 'coz I just won't be able to do it. As much as I want to be super-woman, I'm not (sadly... sigh...).

This means I've got my routine down, and if you think I am completely anal about routines and a stickler to deadlines and delineations, you wouldn't be far from the reality! There's just no way I can get things done unless they are 'pencilled' in during the day at their respective time/slot. So mornings are for my Internet stuff, by which time it's close to 1 pm, and lunch time. Get lunch ready (my worst nightmare!), eat and chill a minute or two, and it's close to the time when I have to pick kiddo from school. Then get back home, hit the kitchen for the domestic duties. Dinner, bedtime for kids, and then maybe a free evening to write. That's it - my very unexciting life!

Speaking of writing, 4K clocked into the WIP this week. I'm aiming to add a little more tonight and in the weekend. Not exactly how I'd have wanted this week to end but it's still something other than a big Zero! So I'll take it, thank you!

This being said, the fact that I got the outline down is definitely helping. I'm even hearing the characters talk (yeah, I'm that kind of mad writer), and it's dialogue that happens at the black moment. Hello characters??? We're at Chapter 2, nowhere near the black moment! Trust them to make life hell 'coz now all I wanna do is get to that huge row of their breakup and let the fireworks fly! Just my luck, eh? Or is it motivation to get me to said point?

In the meantime, little bits and pieces are painting themselves on the big outline. Like an episode involving the 'I'm sorry' gift of a pack of candy-coated almonds, or the very peculiar 'I'll give you the world' offer from hero to heroine.

Looking forward to getting a lot more written next week. Kids will be at home (kill me now, will you?), but at the same time, no need to rush around on driver duty and that'll free up some time to catch up on the writing and the TBR pile.

So happy weekend, everyone! We're gonna try to hit a beach this Sunday. Wish us luck, and good weather!

From Mauritius with love,



Sandy said...

Congrats on the word count, Z. Have fun at the beach.


Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Sandy!

We're actualy dropping the inlaws at my FIL's sister's birthday lunch and then heading to the beach (she lives near the coast). Then when we're done we're picking them up and heading home. I hope the weather will cooperate.

Have a great weekend!