Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Bright, sunshiney day

Quiet weekend. I know, that's usually a oxymoron around my place. But this time around it did happen. So for once I don't have tons of stuff to sort through as to what to put on the blog today. Sheesh...
Kids are behaving themselves, I'm actually getting work done, time is not running out like a yarn spinning out.

Is my life really so normal this week? What chaos is awaiting?

Oh wait - arsignments' week again. I'm gonna have to try to do an essay without any idea what I'm talking about. Easy you could say - I ramble enough for two, or three, apparently. But this time, I do have a problem. I don't have textbooks yet for this module, and without the book, what can you hope to learn really? Now don't let me get started on a roll about bookstores, lack of stock, over-inflated textbook prices, kill-me-right-now courier charges for a parcel! Did anyone know courier costs so much? I asked a quote for 2 books, and the courier amount is twice the books' prices total! Yeah, exactly - I'll end up paying 4,000 rupees for courier when my 2 books cost a total of 2,000 rupees! That's 6K out of my budget, and I really cannot afford 6K right now. But wait - the books are out of stock! *shakes head*
Whenever will POD come to the textbook world?
And right too - I'll already be done with uni then. Sheesh...

Culinary world tour is continuing this week. Today I'm gonna make chicken paella, using my pressure cooker. Now I dunno if that's exactly how it is done in Spain, but the recipe came with the cooker, and it's basically gonna be a one-pot dish that's pretty much a life-saver for a busy mom. I'll let you know if the blokes will end up eating burnt rice or something that resembles paella. :)

As for me, wish me luck in writing. On top of the WIP, I joined up for a story-writing challenge on GoodReads. So I'll be tackling 2 stories at once. Yikes...

But hey, I'm Superwoman, innit? (I so wish...)

From Mauritius with love,


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