Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Useless facts...

I started this morning all bubbly but then I went outside (to drop kiddo to school) and the blasting rain literally rained down on my parade. Imagine near-zero visibility because of the fog, dense clouds, fogged-up windows (even when you're blasting the defrosters on full), lashing rain that even wipers on third-rapid speed cannot swipe fast enough, foglights on, headlights on - that was my morning driving kiddo to school, at 8 AM!

So no, it wasn't the good start to a morning, let alone a full week. By the time I got home, my head was killing and when I pulled up the sheet for the blog, all I could think of was useless things about me that no one wants to know...

But sadly, since I'm striking a blank on anything else, here go the useless facts:

1. I'm addicted to short hair. For most of my life, my hair touched my calves. Yeah, no kidding! My mom thought the long hair was gorgeous - it was her pride and glory. Me, did I mention I had no say in this? Come then the rebellion teen days, and my mom and I no longer officially saw eye to eye on anything! Needless to tell you - I saved up my pocket money and unbeknownst to her, I went to a salon one day after school and had it all chopped off. True, it was shoulder-length - that was the compromise I made for her not to end up with a heart attack.
Incidentally, every couple of weeks after that episode, I needed a 'trim'. So much so that after a little while, my hair was Halle Berry short. Loved it. Grew it out. Cut it again. Lost all the hair. Grew it. Grew it shoulder-length again. And finally cut it to a chin-length bob. Right now it's back to tickling my shoulders so I think an app at the hairdresser is warranted.

2. I'm crazy about sleep. Not the way you think - I need really tight-fitted sheets on my bed or I cannot sleep. If the linen has a fold or something under my leg, no can do. I also need a heavy quilt on me (winter or sweltering summer!) or I cannot fall asleep. Good thing in a way coz I don't just fall asleep everywhere despite how tired I might be.

3. I'm a reading addict. I read everything, everywhere, anytime. In the past I got addicted to really big handbags/tote bags because I could always carry a book with me this way. I still heart the bags, but now I get my fix through my phone (supports pdf ebooks). Whenever I get a minute off, you can find me reading. I tried to curb that tendency by attempting some craft in my spare time (that I don't seem to have, btw) but, no, it didn't work.

4. I craft - actually, I crochet. My specialty - making tote bags from scratch and thread/wool. I started a bag at the start of this year. The plan was to finish it by December, and I'm banned from buying a new handbag until I finish this. No such luck though - it's still in early stages. Hmm, maybe I'll start a progress meter for the crochet bag... I promise, when I finish it, the pic's gonna come up here!

What else other useless stuff could I tell you about me? You know what, I'm drawing a blank (or is it you I'm hearing screaming away...?)

If you have any useless fact about yourself like the ones I just posted, do share!

From Mauritius with love,



M.J. Kane said...

OMG, Zee, you and I have sooooo much in common! I sleep the same way, I've got to have a heavy weight on my body, summer, winter, spring and fall. The only way I don't is if the air isn't on and I'm sweating to death. If the weight isn't right, I'll throw a pillow across my waist to hold me down! LOL! And I am a reading addict. My favorite spot...the bathroom. Many a time my legs have fallen asleep from me sitting there caught up in a good part of a story. And no, they weren't useless facts, just a cool way to learn more about you!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol. Thanks MJ. Good to know I'm not the only sleep-weight 'freak'! :)

Yeah, I've got a lot of 'useful ways to learn things about me'. Keeping them in store for brain-dead days.


Tatiana Davidov said...

Hei, Zee! me three... lol I love havy blankets at any time of the year, and I do read in the bathromm too! Keep on talking! You are inspiring me as usual to do a lot of things, and I'll start blogig too! Sounds like fun!

Zee Monodee said...

Tatiana!!! Girl, missed you for so long!

So glad you could drop by and read the rambles. I really thought I was the odd one who needed her heavy blankets!

Big hugs!!