Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Another Day in Bedlam

Whenever you hear 'hospital' in a sentence, you know you're gonna be losing more than a few hours while your butt flattens on the real-hard wood benches. Lost the whole morning to a routine appointment at the government hospital. Free healthcare, but the price comes in the form of your time and sanity. Wanna people-watch? Go to a Mauritian hospital. Everything and anything there - you're bound to come out inspired - if any notion makes it past your ringing, frying-on-the-spot brain.
Positive of the experience - shut yourself out of the crowd like a snobby biatch while you clutch your qwerty phone and will inspiration to come. Result of the 2-hours of waiting while sitting in the waiting room (not counting the additional 30-45 minutes of standing outside the doctor's office) = some 1,500 words clocked down in really awkward typo-filled and missing-punctuation Word document.

Another good-flip side of a hospital appointment - hubby takes the day off to come with me. I know, sweet of him. I'm keeping him, yeah! :)
That being said, we don't often get a day/half-day together, alone without the nutty kids. A fave pastime of ours is to hit little known eateries. Went to one today, and it was simply di-vin-ne!!
The place is SubExpress located at Phoenix Les Halles, an upscale shopping mall located pretty much in the middle of the island. I must've eaten the best merguez lamb and steak-and-cheese sub ever. Fresh bread, crisp salad on the meat, a really generous hand with the sauces and cheese, and all for about a hundred bucks (that's $4 for you Americans!). Not what we'd call cheap here, but definitely value for money coz the stuff was delicious! Not to mention that it's got this swanky chic cafe atmosphere, and it serves a heavenly iced latte that's to die for! Any Mauritians reading this, go there ASAP! You won't be disappointed! The eatery is located right next to Bella Donna on the mall's ground level.

Grocery shopping on a Monday - bliss! You can zip around the aisles at ease, no one blocking the way, and there's a dearth of check-out counters waiting for you when you're done! Parking too is a breeze.
Note to self - try to coincide shopping on weekdays, morning or midday.

Shopping 'fiasco' - 2 weeks ago, I got kiddo a pair of sandals. Ergonomic shape, health soles that have a chamois-type fabric on them, soft and malleable fabric on the top to secure the foot in place, with velcro to adjust the hold. The best part - kiddo wore it to a birthday outing where he must've run around and played ball nonstop for over 2 hours. The result was, not a single blister on his soles! I knew I had a keeper in those shoes.
When I tell this to hubby, he goes, "any chance there's the grown-up version of these sandals?" Actually, there is. He gets himself a pair too.
Now these sandals look great! And they feel awesome too. Needless to say, I'm jealous by now. I want my own pair too! Today we head back to this shop (Mr Price at Phoenix Les Halles, in case the Mauritians wanna know). The sandals are actually in the menswear section, but some models are unisex. Found a really cool and swanky pair - lavender-coloured soles and white criss-cross straps. The bummer - it's a size 7 (at which, apparently, adult sizes start). There's at least 2 inches gaping behind my heel when I try it on.
You know what I had to do? Find a pair of sandals in the children's section! Sheesh! Goodness, I know I'm short and of petite stature, but to 'rub it in' like this? Did manage to land a pair of black straps with a one-inch platform wedge heel, looks really good too.
Exiting the store, I take a quick peek to the ladies' section... and would you believe it? The size of clothes I can wear is in the 7-14 years old section... enough said, innit... *bwahaha*

Hope you've had a less nutty start of the week. Oh yes, I'm writing again!

From Mauritius with love,


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