Friday, October 01, 2010

Progress Friday

So it seems all this time I was doing something wrong - time management. Time and I aren't friends, she tends to slip between my fingers like the warm, soft sand on a Mauritian beach. At the end of most days I'm banging my head on my keyboard, a wall, the table before me, or a pillow (good one that - takes the frustration out minus the pain).

In the past week my forehead has been very grateful, because I haven't banged it anywhere. The reason - no need to really. I'm just making more efficient use of my time.

Now you need to know I have never, ever considered myself a morning person. One of the biggest adjustments I had with motherhood was that I was a night owl while my baby was a dawn tweeter. Made for some clashes (usually me trying to make a formula bottle while my brain is still asleep) but we got there. That being said, yeah - I'm not a morning person. Usually.

What so happened this week was that I was finding myself at the end of my morning needing to cram in some studying. Found out there was no real time between sitting with the books and needing to go pick kiddo at school. Then kid's at home, and you get nothing done. Evening comes and he's into bed, but your brain is now either fried or AWOL. The solution - try to work in the morning!

Of course, not at all possible without strong coffee! But do-able, and I found myself able to put in one full chapter of textbook/guide before 10 AM, at which time I then went online.
Figured I could try it with the writing too, and lo and behold, it worked!

That's how I saw the meter on my WIP progress go from the stuck-at-24.4% to a resonating 30.7% today!!

Lol, so in this high, I hit my weekend! Enjoy yours!

From Mauritius with love,


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