Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Where I Am...

Sitting down and realising we're in the last weeks of December, I keep wondering where the past year has gone. I had started 2010 with hopes and (as the ones who know the anal-me will not find surprising) a well-planned-out to-do list.

Well, it turns out that this year I learned that you don't make life happen the way you want it to. Life makes you dance to the particular tune it chooses.

I'm not dissatisfied with my year (more on that in my next Monday's wrap-up) but some things demand some serious looking at and boy, does that one little glance hurt. Case in point - my TBR pile...

I'm a serious book hoarder. And I do mean serious! All my spare money seems to go into books (or at least, a large share of it does). People at Bookcourt (one of the biggest libraries in Mauritius) recognise me instantly the minute I step in there. The books I've made these people chase... Still, they look at me and most probably go, "there's this week's sales' biggest proportion in one single visit!". Seriously, no kidding!
Yesterday, I had an idea to go chase all those books and add them up/organize the list in an Excel spreadsheet. And was that an eye-opener... I am currently reading... books I acquired in April! Nothing but an 8-month lag in the TBR-- 8 months!!
And like a crazy-goner-addict with no hope of redemption, guess what? Yes, I keep adding books to the tally! Every single week, I must be trolling bookstores, whether physical or online, and adding more books! I wonder if I'll get to read all the 2010 books by the time the end of 2011 rolls in... What'ya say? Is that a challenge? Okay, it's on! Let's see if in one year, I'll be able to say I made a sizeable dent in the pile. :)

On other fronts, one I'm not too happy is the 'body'. I've let myself go lately and I'm kicking myself to stick to a proper-diet-&-exercise regimen! Just today found an online article on using Pilates to shape abs. That's one I'll definitely need! I just can't get rid of the 'baby belly', even 7.5 years after said baby has been delivered. Okay - other goal for 2011 - get rid of the spare tyre I'm carrying! Yup, challenge me! :)

Okay, now what remained of my brain is fried. We're having one of our worst ever heat waves on the island. A little rain fell today, but it just made the heat more sweltering and oppressive. Sigh. Plus the air is totally dry - eyes are like sandpaper 10 minutes after you wake up, and the static in the hair! I wish I had a crew cut or a shaved head! My brush literally crackles to life when I brush my Pob-styled mane.

So on that very 'disturbing' visual, I leave you for today. :)

From Mauritius with love,


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