Monday, January 03, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: Out with the old, In with the new

Hello beautiful people!!

Happy 2011! Oh yum, the new year is finally here. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this year. Why? Because it looks like it can be a new beginning...

I'm a firm believer in the thought that we can change our lives with every second that passes. But there's a great symbolism in attempting a twist and turn around the time a year changes. So I thought the passing into 2011 would be my time. The time to be me - the new 'me', that is.

What has she been up to, this new 'me'? Has she been able to achieve anything?

I usually start things all revved up and then go out of steam halfway. Tried to keep this at bay this time around and so far it seems to be working. Okay, you can tell me 'it's only 3 days into 2011, Zee' and shake your head like my son does, when he is trying to explain to his 'absolutely perky and girly-pink-loving brainless twit of a mother' something 'boy/manly and techie and just plain awesome that a girl can totally not understand' (forgive him, he's only 7.5 years old...). But no, I'm quite proud of myself, because this Zee is much more comfy in herself and doesn't hesitate to assert her needs and thoughts when necessary.

For example, I give myself a manicure when I want it, not when I can afford to find time for it.
I plan my stuff and make it happen - like I already have the school supplies' shopping done when all parents will hit the stores like mad this weekend to buy stuff at the last minute before school starts on Monday 10 (ah, bliss, here I come!!).
I am making my big boy laugh - doesn't matter how, whether 'accidentally on purpose' I play the ditz to his 'super brain', or I poke or tickle him at every opportunity. We're also talking more, even if hubby says that talk sounds like the prelude to WWIII at the diplomatic table... :)
I am more in tune with the man. Okay, I might concede that I am making good meals and even baking jaffa cakes for this absolute foodie. The end result though, what matters, is that even if I'm going through his stomach, I am conquering his heart all over again. Yes, peeps, my man is not a clone of George Clooney met Brad Pitt and Thomas Kretschmann along the way. He whines, he's got a horrible temper that makes me smash china on a regular basis in frustration, he moans as if on the brink of death the minute he starts to sniffle... but he is mine and I love him. What can I say? :) I'll do all I can to make him happy, because he makes me the happiest woman on Earth through the big, but mostly, the little, tiny things he does for me all the time.

Writing-wise, the new 'me' is doing better too. If she can afford to write, great. If she can't one day, no big deal. My motivation is there, and I'm getting the job done when I look over the goals at every weekend. 30 pages in 2 days, 30 pages in 6 days, 28 pages in 7 days - the job is getting done. Full stop. Quite proud of myself there!

Now, uh-oh, here comes the letdown... Exercise. I haven't done an ounce of exercise yet this year. I have big plans for this one though - Pilates for Abs workout using a ball (click here to see this one), treadmill walking, push-ups, stretches. All this on my agenda. I'm not giving up, will definitely aim to lose my jelly belly, up my fitness level, strengthen my upper body. Exercise will also help keep me healthy. Hopefully will have better results to show next week here.

Speaking of exercise and change, I am inspired a lot by this quest of an author I met and friended on FB, and whom I found out is an absolutely amazing lady. Author Beth Ciotta is starting a year-long non-fiction project, and her motivation and goals are all chronicled in this blog, The Year of Me, as she calls it. Pure inspiration - I urge you to drop by and encourage her on her journey. She is being a formidable booster and motivator for me this year.

So that's all for today (*finally*, I can hear you say, lol). What have you been up to in 2011, and how does this year look like for you?

From Mauritius with love,



Trish said...

So far 2011 has started off very nicely.

I'm making great progress on the WIP, and I'm on track to start querying it late this month. (It feels strange not to be able to say NEXT month. lol)

I'm into my third day of my 365 day blogging and writing challenge. And so far neither have been such a drain.

Here's to a great 2011 for both of us!

Beth Ciotta said...

The perfect morning motivational boost. Your post, that is! Go, Zee, go!

And thank you for the incredible shout out! I'm thilled that you're finding inspiration at THE YEAR OF ME and espcically glad that you've joined my journey. Cheering each other on is having a fantastic positive effect!

Peace, good health, and joy,

Zee Monodee said...

WTG Trish! I need to drive by your blog later and drop a comment. You're doing awesome with your goal, proud of you, girl!!

Keep it up, and let's rock 2011! Yup, totally strange to say this month, or this year even. :) Hope I won't make big mistakes when I go to the bank.


Zee Monodee said...

Aww, thank you Beth! Of course I'd shout out about your blog, because I love the theme and think a lot of people need to hear your message.

Peace, health and joy to you too!