Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: Going, going, gone...

I'm celebrating some personal progress today! Now, sorry if I keep this short - we're in the midst of a massive thunderstorm and I should be turning down the Internet set-top box asap.

So yes, celebrating! Last year, in and around November and after, due to my health and a hospital stay, I sat on my butt and did nothing except eat and drink. Needless to tell you, I got fat. Not fat fat, know what I mean, but I wasn't my optimum lean physique either. Plus I had a spare tyre on the middle.

That's what got me into gear. We all know Indian girls have a natural, even genetic, propensity for having a bit of belly and love handles. That I can deal with (prefer it this way actually. I'd look like a coat-hanger without love handles). Not the spare tyre around my stomach.

I started to exercise - managed to keep a pretty steady routine, though most of the time it was hit and miss. Changed my eating habits and became a devotee of Chrononutrition - where you feed your body specific food at specific times of the day (it's not as restrictive as it sounds, really! I eat a huge breakfast and even take sweets/cake/dark chocolate at tea time!). Based on the Chrononutrition analysis (number of factors such as weight, measurements, height, diameter of wrist, eating habits, where the body seems to be storing more), it turned out I was eating too much carbs, esp at night.

I did just that one little change - less carbs, esp at night. In the whole picture of the Chrononutrition way of eating, in barely 2 months, I have... lost my spare tyre!

I now have a flat stomach!

Feels great to have achieved a goal... and I celebrated by having a doughnut. :) Oh well, I'm not on a diet, you know. *grins*

So that's my update for today! You guys celebrating anything?

From Mauritius with love,



Chicki Brown said...

Zee, this diet sounds very interesting. Can you send me some info on it?

Unknown said...

Agree with Chicki! Details please x

Zee Monodee said...

Will do, Chicki! It's basically a French diet, but there's a good article that explains it. I'll get it for ya.


Zee Monodee said...

Will do for you too, girl!

Zee Monodee said...

Okay - lots of interest in the Chrononutrition plan. Here's an article that explains the gist of it.

The plan is not more customized than that. Devised by a French doctor, the majority of pages of info on the plan are in French - with Google translate though, you shouldn't have any problems navigating the links.

Erin Kern said...

Congrats on your fitness success!

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Erin!

I'm working on the exercise angle now, so it won't be hit and miss anymore but a part of my routine. :)