Thursday, February 03, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Blank

Hey peeps

Sorry I couldn't post my usual Wednesday writing advice yesterday. I had a sick kid at home, a FIL staying with us and whom I needed to reassure that he wasn't 'imposing', a sick MIL in the hospital, and I also burnt my arm when a blob of hot oil just plopped out of the pan and struck my inner arm.

In all this, I wonder how I didn't break down. My body is slugging along since on Sunday and Tuesday, we had to travel to the hospital to see my MIL. The one where she's at is located a 45 minutes drive away, and our roads are so not the long stretches where 45 minutes is a breeze. Consequently I'm tired out of my bones.

My apologies for not posting. I'll resume back later with the Link Thursday post.

From Mauritius with love,



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