Friday, April 22, 2011

Progress Friday

WIP meter up at 40% this week. Measly climb upward, but then I haven't been writing much in the past 7 days. With us being away for the weekend, it took a moment to get back to normal, and then I had contractual work coming in that used up my time and resources. Not to mention that I also have to study for the exam which is less than a month away.

I also hit a stump on the story because the scene I needed to write required some detail-specific information and I had to go scour for that. Thank goodness I managed to find it all online, and haven't needed to bother anyone to give me the pertinent facts. I'm a stickler to authenticity in my stories and there was no way I could've winged this one without giving proper consideration to how the family law system is set up in England. Yeah - writing is a 'knowledge' business too. The amount of things I came to know just because I needed to research them for stories - staggering! The process of writing fiction becomes an education in itself.

So, not much planned this weekend. We're still recovering from last week, and with kids back in school and my exams looming ahead, we'll be sticking close to home mostly. Dunno what I'll force feed the blokes in the coming two days. After the work spree I've just been on, I'm not in the mood or capacity to do anything but wing some basic food on the table. Oh wait - I'll have to badger the hubs to get us some take out!

What have you got planned this weekend? Hope you have a good one.

From Mauritius with love,


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