Monday, April 04, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: Rise & Shine!!

... is back!! Hell-o beautiful people!

Gosh, I missed being on here. Can't believe it's close to 2 weeks since I had to go away. I've been so caught up in all that's been happening behind the scenes in my life, yet I wonder how I kept my sanity intact in all this time. That could certainly be thanks to the wonderful people in my entourage (mostly virtual!) who have supported and upheld me all through every rough spot in my life. To you peeps - you're amazing! I'm blessed to know you all and count myself as your friend.

So, what's been happening to me lately? Well, without getting into details that would be TMI, let's just say I've had to take a step back to evaluate where my health is at, and where I want it to be in the future. Sounds like a no-brainer - I want to be healthy, like everyone else! Duh - but life, especially my life, is rarely that clear cut. I think I must be one rare patient in Mauritius who has BFF status with her doctors, so much I seem to spend time meeting them and we go over every little tidbit to rehash the 'situation'. Note - courtesy counts, like everywhere else in life. On my bad days - which do tend to strike whenever you insert the word 'hospital' in a 24-hour slot - I'm not exactly someone easy to deal with. But that being said, I'm not a b*tch either and this has helped me in great stead with the people responsible for helping me on the right health track.
So, digressing aside, I'm tackling a new health regimen, which is simple on most days, yet can get rather tedious at times as far as side effects go. But hey, there's always a price to pay somewhere, somehow. Let's just say, thank goodness it's not higher than what it currently is.

Now I did too need a break. As in, getting next to nothing done (don't count studying for the darn final degree module here, will ya?) and just chilling. Did me a world of good. My kiddo is on Easter break here, and instead of dreading the 2 weeks we'll be spending together, I'm able to approach it with a zen attitude and a plan in place. Not sure how much I'll get done in the next fortnight, but we'll see about that as the days go. Plan to get some reading down and slashing the TBR pile, plus writing some long-overdue reviews. That should keep me busy. The WIP is also taking a fresh direction after I'd been blocked for a while, so I'm eager to see how that'll play out too.

And for my laptop - the place I took it for repairs = total rip-off. They got nothing done and it's back to making the awful fan noise. Oh well, gotta live with it, coz I can't live without the device.

Hmm, did I say how good it is to be back? *grin*

So that's it from me. What have you peeps been up to? :)

From Mauritius with love,



Sandy said...

Dear Zee,

It's good you're keeping tabs on your health. Just don't let yourself get down. I would hate for your cancer to come back.

So sorry about your laptop. My laptop is on it's last leg, too. Hubby has ordered me a new Dell laptop with a 17 inch screen.

Take care and hugs,

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Sandy!

I wanna do so much but it's so true too that I'm the one who has to keep tabs on my health and not let it spin out of control.

WTG on your new laptop. His Ronness is spoiling you - you deserve it!