Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: Trip!

Hey peeps

Hope your week started well. I'm coming down from a high today... sigh... after we spent the weekend at a beach resort here. Remember the beach we went to last Monday (look at last Monday's posting)? Well, I went scouring the Net to find the various hotels listed on that stretch of coast, and we actually found one that didn't cost an arm and a leg (and your first born too, in the process!). Since this was the last weekend of the April Easter break, we thought - why not? And that's how we found ourselves spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning over at this resort called Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel. It also has a spa, which I didn't check out this time as we were really rushing to get the bookings done and I wanted to take my time.

So, spent the weekend doing next to nothing, lol. And even that's tiring, because you're letting go, and for someone not used to letting go, your body goes 'oh wait something's wrong so let's put her on standby mode' or something.

I was gonna shoot pics but I hardly got any in, what with me leaving my phone back in the room almost all the time coz I had forgotten to take a small handbag/clutch with me and just lugged my huge leather tote that doubles as hand luggage. Left that too in the room, and no, had no pockets either in the clothes I took. I know - I'm awful at planning!
Went online and found some pics, so take a looksie!

This is the pool, where the boys spent most of their time (and ended up reeking of chlorine even after they'd scrubbed under the shower!). Our room was right across that pool bar, on the left of the pic here.

This is the beach in front of the hotel. Spent half of Saturday in those waters. Now my stepson is one who cannot remain still for long, so here he was running to the beach house and asking about the nautical activities. That's how we found ourselves taking the boys out in kayaks (which are really hard to manoeuver! No wonder rowing is considered such a good exercise. I could hardly feel my shoulders and upper arms when we were done!). Also took out a pedalo (have no idea what it's called in English. It's one of these little boats you have to pedal to navigate).

And did I mention the trip on the glass bottom boat, when I found out I get really sea sick? The trip out towards the reef was great. I mean, I was focusing on the fish. At one point we were like navigating through a swarm of blue green fish. Out of this world, I'll tell ya!
But the return leg... Oops. Spent the time with my arms braced across my stomach to try to keep the roiling feeling in check. Need I say I am NOT stepping on a boat again? Ever?

This is what a room/house unit looked like...

And this is the garden and path leading to the beach...

And this is the restaurant, where we pigged out on buffet offerings for breakfast and dinner...

And this is what our room looked like...

So that's it from me for today. I'm still working out the kinks of that kayak expedition.

From Mauritius with love,



Unknown said...

OMG Zee, what a divine weekend!!!!!!! I've been dying to ask how it went and here you are, writing all about it. Love the pool and path leading to the beach. And the rooms are dreamy. What a great way to end the Easter break!

Zee Monodee said...

Yup, Nat! It was truly awesome and loads of fun. I can't recall the last time I relaxed so much. :) Well, minus the sea sickness.


Chicki Brown said...

I was wondering where you were! What a beautiful place. I'm green with envy.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chicki. It really was a spur of the moment decision to go (hence the awful planning on my part!).

It was really beautiful though, and the legendary Mauritian hospitality was perfectly in place at the resort.