Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: On My Music Playlist...

Hey peeps!

Going back to the lighter side of life here, now that the doom and gloom of the exams are over. Waiting for my editor to send the first batch of edits on Walking The Edge, and in the meantime, trying hard to adjust back to a 'normal' life. Meaning by that, doing the things normal people do, like read, watch TV, and listen to music.

Speaking of music, thought I'd share with you some of the stuff on my playlist this week. Yes, I'm a Pop music junkie, and yes too, I'm that shallow. :)

Now that we got this confession out of the way, here's the songs on repeat atm on my music player.

Judas - Lady Gaga
I'm not a huge fan of Gaga. I mean, I like her music and songs, but the whole eccentric persona - not exactly my cup of tea. However, you gotta admit the woman has amazing video clips, and she knows how to choose her leading men! Anyone remember Alexander Skarsgard in the Paparazzi vid? Judas is of a same fare - I'm in love with Judas too. Not the character, but the bloke portraying him - actor Norman Reedus. Check him out - serious drool-worthy material. :)

Price Tag feat B.o.B - Jessie J
This one's my husband's fave tune atm - I actually downloaded it for him but ended up under the spell. Fellow Brit Pop singer Jessie J is one to watch out, imo. I haven't listened to her other songs, but if they're of the same fare as this one, I think she'll score a winner.
The lyrics are also something in this - I mean really, what's it with the price tag to everything and anything in the world today?

F**king Perfect - Pink
I like this song mostly for the vid, because it tells this amazing, totally sweet and poignant story of this girl who hit rock bottom in her teens yet managed to rise up again and find herself. The message is to her daughter, and the lyrics - a message any mother would want to tell her child, boy or girl. Warning - some of the images in this vid may shock!

So, what are you people listening to? Any song I should be having on my playlist here too?

From Mauritius with love,


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