Friday, July 08, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

If you're friend with me on Facebook, you'll have read my status update, as to how I actually punched myself in the face last night. I was pulling the second blanket up, but I pulled too hard and it was stuck, so I lost my grip and my fist came flying to crash into my nose. Now I know what it feels like to receive a knuckle sandwich - let me tell you it hurts like *beep!*

So, is that the only progress this week, me learning how to punch myself? Fortunately, no. I've been busy and running around like a headless chicken with the promo for Walking The Edge, and doping up on calcium and vitamin supplements to help me keep up. I could've fared way better if I had been sleeping normally, but insomnia reared its ugly head up over the past weekend and I end the week staring bleary-eyed at it.

With all this combined, I added just over 2,000 words to Against The Odds this week. Not bad but not stellar, and still very far from my goal. Hopefully, over this weekend, things will quiet down and I'll be able to delve back into the usual writing routine. Tomorrow my husband once again goes to work for most of the day, and takes the kid to my mum's. Should have a free day to look forward to where I can work without any distractions.

What have you guys got planned?

And I also wanted to say a huge, huge thanks to all of you who have bought my book! It's because of you guys that Walking The Edge made it to #6 on the Noble Romance Top10 Bestsellers list barely a week after it went on sale! I love you guys! XOXO

From Mauritius with love,


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