Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: Let's Chill With Some Tunes!

Hey peeps

Knackering day today. Appointments at the hospital = whole morning lost (though I did get to catch up on some reading there). Then had to get my son's glasses repaired, because he's broken the frame, again, for the third time in the 6 months he's been wearing them. And because a crazy-as-cannonball dog skidded and slammed into my car's front yesterday, crashing the turn-indicator, we had to go on a drive through a dozen spare parts shops to find the replacement. And then too, colour me mad, I broke out the pans and baked a cake, because over the weekend my father-in-law brought home a crate of apples and we're drowning under them, so had to find a way to use these and a good deal went into an apple cake.

I'm totally wrecked right now, and want to do nothing more than turn on the music channel on the TV and lounge like a couch potato, while I wait for another channel to start the TV series' marathon with CSI: Vegas, Burn Notice, and White Collar airing this evening.

Here's what's musically airing right now - a compilation of what's hot atm and also at my place! Enjoy.

This one is a fave of my boys! They love this tune, and they have the choreography down pat! This one's got everyone shufflin here. :)

And catch this clip - a story in itself! I'm on a Glee-skid right now, and this video is soooo high school and Glee-like, I'm loving it! There's even Artie (Kevin McHale) on the cast. And who doesn't love Katy Perry's colourful, fun-filled videos? Check out the star-studded cast in this one - well worth the watch!

And finally, this one is playing on and on on Clubbing TV right now here. British singer Sophie Ellis Bextor is gorgeous and absolutely doll-like in this vid! (Come to think of it, she does look like a doll - check those cheekbones and that perfect porcelain skin!)

From Mauritius with love,



Kiru Taye said...

Cool tunes. You gotta love Katy Perry and Sophie Ellis-Baxter looks and sounds great as always.

Zee Monodee said...

Yup, Kiru! Katy Perry always turns out hit after hit, and Sophie Ellis Bextor is just amazingly beautiful with a great voice! I love how her British accent sounds through her songs.