Friday, August 05, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

My WIP counter for Before The Morning is finally going up. I scraped some of last week's writing, so what you see today is not really the 4K increase it looks like, but more like a 7K addition to the story. Despite having the boys at home this week, I managed to get some writing done. Guess I'm getting used to having them around, but I won't be unhappy to pack them off to school on Monday.

Little by little, I'm getting into my characters. My heroine is a tricky mindset to conduit - she's a master manipulator and I have to think like her, which is, well, twisted... But my technique of daydreaming the scenes is working - little by little I see every little block assemble and give me the scene I need. Then I just need to write it down, and the next day, go back through the material and beef up the emotional response.

This book is also taking me all across Europe as an armchair traveller! I left Mayfair in London last week to travel to Nice, France, for the start of Chapter 2, and now the remaining part of Chapter 2 is taking me through the centre of Prague, in the Czech Republic. Definitely thrill-worthy, and an added dimension when I'm writing - that pic up there is of Charles Bridge in the heart of Prague; a pivotal scene in the book takes place there.

I'll prolly leave the WIP this weekend to do some crits for my CPs. I am way behind on returning the favour as they crit my work almost as soon as I post it up.

What have you all got planned for the weekend? Whatever it is, have fun! :)

From Mauritius with love,


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