Friday, August 12, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey again beautiful people

Friday!!! I just had my first week of intensive, daily writing. This is the way I worked it out - I get online at 8.30, browse around, check the inbox and reply important emails right away, drive by Facebook to update my status and see what my fellow peeps have been up to while I was sleeping (and it was daytime almost everywhere else for my contacts!).

But when 10.00 hits, I close the Internet browser and open my WIP. I work from 10 to 12-12.30, at which time I pause and go attend to other duties around the house. If I'm on a roll, I'll stick with the writing until 1 o'clock. Then when I come back after picking my son from school, I'll attend the rest of the email and online/crit business.

So, has it borne fruit? You bet!

For 4 days of writing (I didn't write on Wednesday as I had some other pressing matters to attend that morning), I have clocked down a little over 8K on Before The Morning. My goal was 10K, and I might just have made it if I'd written on Wednesday too.

I just cannot believe it! I mean, I knew a schedule would help, but I had no idea it would work this well. Now I just have to emulate this every week, and I'll be pretty set for my deadline. I also thought a self-imposed writing spree would stifle my creativity, but it is not the case. I might have to write a draft that is merely dialogue and some directional cues, but then I re-read and find ways to add in more detail, and these in turn trigger episodes for my characters. And being in touch with the WIP and with the characters means I get a better handle on these people with every day I spend with them. Also now, when I'm not writing, my brain is coming up with elements that will play in other upcoming scenes.

I think I've found the ideal working balance for my writing brain - I do manage to attend to my other duties fine, and the writing is moving on. What more can I ask for, eh?

Happy tidbit today - I managed to intro Book 3 of the Corpus Brides series into the chapter. Book 3's heroine, Anastasiya, and her backstory, conflict, and role inside the Corpus Agency, are foreshadowed already. Real happy this worked itself in. :)

So, weekend up ahead. What have you got planned? I'm tempted to take a leaf out of Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song, but I've still got crits to do and a household to look after.

From Mauritius with love,


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