Friday, September 23, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey beautiful people

*sigh* It's been one of those weeks... you know, where everything just refuses to go right, no matter how hard you try to make it right? I got to that point where I look at my husband and wonder how on earth I haven't throttled him yet. I know he can't help it - he's who and what he is - but, damn, keeping a marriage and a love alive is damn hard sometimes! (note to self - never attempt to write a romance that takes place after marriage, because that'd be writing up a tragedy, and not a light romance!)

So that has coloured my week, not helped by the fact that the temps just shot up by like 10degreesC overnight, where we jumped from 15C nights and having to wear socks and snuggle under a quilt plus a 29C nights where the mere touch of a sheet on your bare legs is enough to make you wanna jump out of your skin, and why on earth did you not think to clean up the fans before now so you're stuck in a sweltering house.

Now that brings on irritability, erratic sleeping, and lo and behold - your insomnia, brought on by your medication/treatment - decides now's the time to play peek-a-boo with you and you end up staring at the ceiling between 3-5AM. And no way you can get anything done in that time either, because, though you're not sleepy, your body is tired and your mind is begging for the rest. So guess what? You stare at the ceiling...and imagine further scenarios on your WIP...

...hoping to channel them during the day, but by then you're even more of a wreck - no, wait, a zombie! - and I never heard that zombies wrote good prose. Progress meter shows a measly step of 1,327 words this week... said words that came out like pulling wisdom teeth without anything-caine...and that I'll probably have to scrape next week when - hopefully!- I will be sleeping better and able to write.

Or else, I'll have to channel the zombie into writing, because this WIP needs to be finished.

Joy, oh joy! Not!

I hope you had better luck than me this week. And I hope my bestie and soul sister, author Angela Guillaume, had better luck too. Check out her blog later for her round-up of her week.

From Mauritius with love,


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Unknown said...

Good thing our characters don't throttle each other! At least, not to the death, lol. The good thing that came out of this? Your staying awake thinking up scenes from your WIP. At least, that can't be a bad thing :). Hope you're sleeping better now, babe. xxxx