Friday, October 28, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

See this here? Yes, the ice... That's what I'm craving right now! We've been slammed by a heat wave like I've never experienced in my whole existence during this past week! Temps way beyond 30C, flirting with 90F - which used to be inconceivable for where I live! If we got 25C we considered that hot weather! The sun out there - don't even mention. It will burn your retinas if you don't wear sunglasses, and liquefy your brain after 10 minutes out. Not to mention that said brain has already been scrambled and fried with the heat in the morning... and also at night when you simply. Cannot. Sleep! because it's way too hot and any fabric touching your skin feels like you're being skinned alive.

*side note - should I start writing zombie stories...? I got quite gruesome up there, innit?*

So, this week... Not much progress. At least not as much as I'd have wanted. 5,637 words... which is a far cry from last week's 15K+, but I didn't have the same routine this week as the past one. And the kids finished school earlier, which cut down on my writing time (and as I said, brain was scrambled and fried and ran the risk of liquefying).

Good news though - I'm nearly done with Chapter 12, and then I see at most, 3 chapters left to write on this before I can wrap up this story (hopefully! And preferably before this year is over!). Ever had a story grow on you? This is what happened with Before The Morning. It took a whole new dimension and I never thought I'd get so in touch with the characters. I hope that comes through, and not just as overkill, LOL. I'm jumping into that stage where I wonder what my editor will think of this baby - so I know I'm nearly done with a story when I'm contemplating this part.

Hoping to finish Chapter 12 this weekend, and get some reading and critting done. What are ye all up to this weekend? And how was your week?

Speaking of the past week, I wonder what my bestie has up on her blog today. Drop by later and let's check out what Angela Guillaume has been up to. :)

And don't forget to drive by my Facebook profile later - pic of the Tide-Us-Into-The-Weekend hunk going up. This bloke has inspired me a new story over the past few days.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

From Mauritius with love,


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