Friday, November 04, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

It's been of those weeks of total extremes - where everything that could go right went perfect, and everything that could go wrong went, well, to hell in a handbasket.

All of which leaves me tired, weary, washed out... you name it. Not helped by the fact that summer break kicked in today and I'll have the kiddo on hand for the next 9 weeks. Yes, I am sooo looking forward to that, you bet!

Nevertheless, thank goodness the one thing that went right this week went totally right, and that it was the writing. Clocked down a grand total of 7,714 words on Before The Morning, taking me through the end of one chapter, start to finish on another, and setting up for the remaining leg of the book. I can so see this ending in another 2 chapters/10K words (which does, yes, mean that I'll have gone epic on this, but hey, the story's asking for it and the only time I felt so in tune with my characters was on another story that went epic too).

As for the bad that went ugly... well, tomorrow's another day, right? Gotta buck up and face it head on, though I've got as much energy as a washed out and wiped down dish rag right now. But, onwards and forwards, right? We're each one of us responsible for what we make of your future and how we handle our destiny in the palms of our hands.

That's what my bestie, author Angela Guillaume, would tell me. I hope she's had a better week than I've had, so why don't we check out her blog and find out?

Hope ye all have a lovely weekend, peeps! XOXO

From Mauritius with love,



Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Zee ~ You had a spectacular word count! That obliterated the wrong happenings in one swoosh. You were IN THE ZONE, girlfriend! Wahoo!!

Unknown said...

I agree with Sheri! I'm so proud of you for finishing this epic book. I know things get rough sometimes but thank goodness, time is a great ally in these cases. Take care sweetheart, you did good xoxo

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks, Sheri! Yup, the word count did make up for some of the awfuls. *hugs*

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks sis! Yup, I'm getting there to finish this epic. Lol, never thought this one would veer so big on me but in a way, it's good. And yes, time is definitely an ally.

Big hugs back!