Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Thoughts' Monday: Getting there... & some news...!

Hey beautiful people!

It's Monday, and the start of a new week. In my ideal game plan, I should've been on top of the game right now - all caught up with email, breezing through FB & Twitter and talking lots more with my friends there, I should've been writing a storm and totally immersed in my characters. In short, working at full throttle on being an author.

Instead, my second work week of January looks like a train wreck that's just happened, and now I'm left to pick up the pieces from this wreck and try to steer the train back onto the rails...

Remember last week I asked to please not be a robot? I'm working on that, trying to be more present for my family. And, uhm, turns out my son wants cake, and I'm on a total out and out war against processed food (more about that next Monday - I got into a new book called Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, and this has me totally revamping our food habits here. Will chronicle this surefire debacle next week, when I get my head fixed on straight on my shoulders).
So, yes, Hyena #2 wants cake, and how can I say No to his big Puss-in-Boots eyes (that doesn't work all the time though, esp not when we're out shopping). Now 'cake' is really innocuous thing the big scheme of things, and I found myself... baking! Cake's done, I didn't burn down the house (and sadly didn't get to call any hunky fireman over, not that we have hunky firemen in Mauritius - most of them have a potbelly!) - actually, cake 'looks' done. Haven't tasted it yet. Waiting for hubby to get home and act as the self-sacrificing guinea pig here *grin*

Okay, that's it for Zee The Mum & Family Gal. Now on to Zee The Author... Have I got news for you *BIG grin*

I am totally, totally pleased & stoked to announce that as from today, I am joining the Decadent Publishing authors, through their 1NS line!

Over the second half of December, my brain scrambled for purchase and begged to write something. Egged on by some wonderful Decadent authors whom I call super-friends, the idea to write a 1NS short story set on my beautiful island, Mauritius, germinated and took root. I took the plunge, and had an unlikely couple meet through Madame Evangeline's 1NightStand service. :)
Stay tuned for more details about Lars Rutherford & Simmi Moyer's story, tentatively titled Once Upon A Stormy Night.

My week's started awesomely well - I hope it has for you too!

From Mauritius with love,



Lucy Felthouse said...

Congrats on your 1NS story - I look forward to reading it! :)

Sherry Gloag said...

Oh my what wonderful news about your latest book. best wishes with it. Glad to here the baking wen't down well. pot-bellied firemen? Now there's an image toplay with!

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Lucy! :) xoxo

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Sherry - that's an image I want to tear out of my mind, but it stays! I have firemen in my family, and my husband who works a desk job is fitter and has a better-looking bod than them :) *hugs*

sue said...

congrat on the story - know it will be a stunner.

Yeah home is keeping me busy too - and must find time to write - well write fiction - been doing non fiction for various projects - writing is writing right?

will get back to you on the other stuff - where does the time go???

am sure the cake will be yummy

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Sue! You're too good to me, lol!

And I so know what you mean - I need to get writing too, but where do I find the time? January is turning out to be a huge juggling deal and I despair of ever getting a grip on my routine this year.

Oh, and the cake turned out good - the boys polished it off in 2 days (would've done so in one single day if I hadn't cut half and spirited it away, *grin*)