Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday: Where's my best-laid plan, and my brain...?

"Comme un grain de sable dans une mécanique bien huilée..."

That's exactly how I can summarise my coming back to the blogging world, work, writing, and all that. Uh, yes, what does it mean...? Sorry, told you my brain had gone AWOL.

So that line above translates to "like a grain of sand in a well-oiled mechanism". That's the gist of it; it's a French saying for describing when something tiny and insignificant happens and totally throws off something that was working brilliantly.

I had the plan right - kids into school; my free hours back during the day; my routine in place. Everything should've sailed through yesterday. But did it? Big fat NO! I didn't even get to look at my email, let alone post on the blog. And the kiddo did start school yesterday! Good grief! I kept saying my life would be back to normal once school starts again, but where was my 'normal' yesterday? Certainly not around here!

How on earth did I do it before the hyenas went on summer break, back in October of 2011? Surely I cannot have forgotten in just 9 weeks, innit?

And that's when I realized something - it's totally easy to have your well-laid routine spin out of your control... and it's not exactly easy to get back into a routine. What I mean is, in the end you're switching one routine for another, and that takes some coping, some managing. I've just been a regular summer soccer mum for 9 weeks - that's who I became. Though I'm still the writer, I haven't been the writer these past 2 months. So how can I expect to go back to being that in a snap of fingers?

Goodness yes, I know I'm not making much sense here, lol, but bear with me, please.

What's this post about? Best-laid plans.

I had it all figured out - drop kiddo off, come back, park myself in my chair, read email; at 10 AM, log off the Net and open the latest WIP/revision doc. My usual writing routine, in other words.

Except that I've forgotten how I haven't even had time to check but the most urgent of emails lately, how these messages are piling up in my inbox, how many friends and CPs are waiting for an answer from me, that I've been sick ever since this year started and my body is running at only 30% capacity while my mind is right back in overdrive.

Why do we forget all that? That we're human? That life and everything in it takes its toll on us? We're not superwomen (though on some days, I question that!)...

Whenever you have a best-laid plan, you can bet there will be hurdles and wrenches to spiral it out of your control - it's a law of best-laid plans!

So what do we do then?

I dunno... Stay human maybe? Accept our limitations... Show ourselves for who and what we are really... Count on people's understanding...

I want to say - sorry I didn't post yesterday. I'm not making excuses, but trust me when I tell you that life happens, and half the time, she's a hormonal b*tch on steroids!

What does this mean? I want to be the best I can be, but I will not always be able to achieve that. I'm not asking for permission to be human - I'm asking for your understanding that none of us is a machine. I'd prefer to deal occasionally with a 'live' person than everyday with a mechanical robot.

Can I not be a robot, please? And, uh, will someone notify me if they spot a brain wandering around? I think it might just be mine...

From Mauritius with love,



Unknown said...

I can so relate to this, Zee. Everyone can! And it will get better, it always does... so hang in there, sweetie. Your brain is still there. Luv ya :D xoxo

sue said...

Yep I know EXACTLY what you mean. And just let's leave it at that, shall we?

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks sis! I really hope this smoothes itself out soon, very soon! XOXO

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Sue! Okay, let's leave it at that *grin* XOXO