Friday, March 02, 2012

Progress Friday

Hey peeps!

It's a cold, drizzly, and rainy afternoon here. The weather's gone from awful to good to back-awful again in the space of 2 days. Just yesterday, we were downing ice-cold drinks; today, I just left the hyenas with hot chocolate for their after-school snack in the kitchen (and got them out of my feet...).

So, absolutely dreary and awful outside, not looking too bright either inside. You see, I have a word count, but it was supposed to be much better. I stumped and stalled on Chapter 2, and in getting better acquainted with the characters and listening to them talk to me, I lost precious time and energy. *argh*

Anyhow, there has been some progress. I went from 0 to nearly 8K on the WIP of Transient Hearts. Not too shabby, but I really should've been able to clock over 10K and have 2 completed chapters right now.

*sigh* Oh well, there's always next week, right?

Looking forward to a quiet and stress-free weekend now... and hopefully I will get it, because this is the only request I've made to the boys this year... (yes, tomorrow is that special day... *grin*).

What are ye all up to?

Wish me perseverance and inspiration for next week, peeps. I'm gonna finish this WIP in March even if it kills me!

From Mauritius with love,



sue said...

I don't count words when I write. I guess it's a downfall. I consider it progress if get new ideas jot them down and have a direction to follow. the writing comes later. this has been a lost week writing wise though just off phone with a friend who helped claifify some stuff. I had tooth probems book club and my class - finlly got the rowling thing done and presented so that's no longer on my mine. Next week should be better
see you sunday :D

Zee Monodee said...

Hope your tooth woes are over/better now, Sue.

I stick to the word count because it helps me stay on trach with my deadlines. Otherwise, I'd consider ideas a good progress too :)

See you Sunday, too, girl! xoxo