Friday, June 08, 2012

Progress Friday - & how I wrote 10K this week alone!

Hey beautiful people!

I couldn't believe it when I looked at my word count earlier - in the past 4 days (Tuesday to today), I've written 10,061 words!

I broke the 10K mark on a week's work. Astounded didn't start to cover it! Now I just hope I don't jinx myself... But it's true that a little everyday adds up to a a big amount. It's not even like I slaved away the whole day while my kids were forced to eat their Apollo noodles (similar to Ramen; just a local brand) that they made themselves. Lol, no! I even got to squeeze one or two Zumba workouts in there.

How did I do it? Organization is the trick. That, and park-your-arse-in-chair-and-just-write.

I think the best thing that's happened to me so far is losing my unlimited Internet access. Previously, I had wireless Internet. Fixed fee, no limits on download/upload/data/time usage. Then that went to hell in a handbasket, when the ISP started toying with us and (purposefully! I'm pretty sure of it! To get us to move to a more expensive deal) blocking that connection every so often during the day. So we ended up dumping them, to move to another company that doesn't provide unlimited access. Instead, what we now have is a fixed data amount per month. How we use it is up to us - all of it in 2 days, all of it in 30 days; whatever you haven't used at the end of the month, you lose; and whatever you use over your limit, you pay a hefty excess).

So because of that, I now have to monitor my Internet use, more precisely the amount of MB and GB I'm using as data when I'm connected. This forces me to have set times every day to check email, log onto Twitter and FB, update the blog and browse other links. I'm no longer online all day, losing precious time surfing the Net.

At 10 AM, wherever I am online (unless in the middle of an important email!), I close my connection and find myself offline. What to do with the time?

Simple - park my arse in my chair, open the Word document of my WIP, and start writing. Usually, the first few lines/paragraphs are like pulling teeth... until I get into the groove and the words start flowing when I let myself go to visualize the scene as it's happening. I write pretty much til half past noon/ 1 PM. That's a solid 2.5-3 hours of writing every day. Averaging a scene every day, I move along and make progress on my story.

Is it really as simple as that? Yes, it is! I'm as astounded as you are, because, in the past, if I got 1,000 words down a day, I considered that a feat. It was also terribly easy to just hop online when the doubt demons started to crawl my mind - instead of staring at that blank Word page, I could be on YouTube looking for the latest David Guetta or Lady Gaga video, or browsing sites like and ogle a fest of hunky British blokes.

But now, I don't have the option of anything else beside looking at that blank document. That, or close the laptop. Which is akin to throwing the towel and slinking away like a coward...

Did I force myself to write this week? Yes, I did. At least, I had to force myself to bring those first few lines onto the page. Until that moment when I was no longer having to force anything to get the words out or the scene to flow or for my characters to take over and show me where they are going, not where I am wanting them to go.

Transient Hearts thus jumped 10K this week, to sit now on the cusp of 45K, the planned original finished wordcount. But though I'm close to the end on that one, the ending is not behind the door either. Which sees me shooting this story too into the 50K ballpark. 55K too, even. Let's see where this goes.

If all things stand as they are right now, I should be finishing this one next week. At least the first draft. Then it'll be edits and polishing before sending off to my beta readers.

Have faith in yourself, peeps! Whatever it is you are looking at in front of you, that mountain you feel you cannot climb... well, guess what? You CAN do it! Just start. That's all it takes!

Last Friday, I was down with the (second!) cold of the century, and didn't get to wish you all a lovely weekend. Remedying that this week. *grin*

From Mauritius with love,



Mae Clair said...

Well, that just rocks and your word count rocks. Good for you! When I'm in a zone, I can pump out a lot of pages in a few hours. With any luck I'll be doing that on Sunday, which is my writing day. Maybe even tonight. You've got me inspired, Zee! :)

Zee Monodee said...

Awesome, Mae! Here's to wishing you get a very productive Sunday!! And why not today too, lol! XOXO

sue said...

yeah Ive been working pretty steadily on my wip also. I do have internet all day but I forece myself not to reply to e mails so now I am way behind. Today I was at a conference all day so that took care of that lol. but when I just write without looking at the words it's just a jumble so I have to if not edit at least organize as I go. Or look stuff up or whatever. I envy you that you can pump out all those words and they come out the way you want. Oh well Hope you are feeling better

Zee Monodee said...


I plan every scene before I write. I try to visualize it in my head. The only thing I don't "imagine" is the dialogue, because I let the characters talk when I'm in the scene. But generally, knowing where I'm going and how to get there allows me to pound out a scene a day. Before I write a scene, the way it'll happen has probably rolled through my head a dozen times. :)

Doing a bit better, thanks. Nothing but an odd cough and the blocked nose in the cold early mornings. Manageable, in other words!