Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday: On my playlist right now...

Hey peeps!

Been a while since I was last able to do this. Missed sharing my fave music with you, and since I have a free Tuesday slot today on the blog, why not showcase some of the tracks on repeat on my player right now, and that refuse to leave my brain no matter how much I try to forget? Maybe I could get those tunes in your brains too *mwahahah!*

So, let's kick off...

I happened to watch the DVD of the movie Wanted again this weekend... and in the process, recalled that this was the movie that triggered my Corpus storyline idea and that inspired me to have an agency of assassins and spies in my debut book and series. I'd also forgotten what a cool action movie this one is - well-rounded, and with an awesome soundtrack. Take a listen (and look-see here! The video cannot be embedded)

My son and my nieces love this one! I admit I didn't like it or get the fuss the first time I heard it, but damn if this song doesn't grow on you... I have no idea what the lyrics are saying, or even how to pronounce half the words in there, but this is a good one.

"Bouncy, bouncy" is how many refer to the tone of this track. I love this girl's voice - she's from Wales, and this song is simply too good to pass up on!

And of course, we gotta have a totally British singer in the mix (yeah, Marina & the diamonds is Welsh, but here we're talking England...). I love her voice and vocal range, plus this girl knows how to move. In a collaboration with the greatest DJ of them all, David Guetta, I'm loving me some Jessie J.

What are you listening to right now? Share with me, will ye? :)

From Mauritius with love,


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