Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to write about Africa...when you've never been there!

Hey peeps!

It was my turn today to post at The Pop Culture Divas, the group blog I belong to with a few other (awesome!) writers. I've been remiss in posting on my set day lately, so I apologize there...and put across a new post.

As ye all must know, I manage the Ubuntu line at Decadent Publishing. Geared towards African romance, with locations in Africa and characters hailing from or living in Africa and its societies, the line aims at giving reads that sweep you into a whole new world that is simply a continent or an ocean away.

But most authors think you need to be a native of Africa to write for Ubuntu, and the question I am often asked is this:

How do I write about Africa...when I've never been there?

Head to my post on The Pop Culture Divas blog today and read how you can do that!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Chicki Brown said...

Going there now! The next book in my new series is going to be partially set in Nigeria. :D