Wednesday, June 12, 2013

At the PopCultureDivas today: An Indo-Muslim wedding in Mauritius!

Hey peeps!

Little update on my dad (since a lot of you asked - thank you!) - he's been discharged from the hospital and is coming home this afternoon. His surgery was a success, and recovery looks like a walk in the park, according to his doctor. :)

Anyhow, it's my day to post at The Pop Culture Divas today. With the whole surgery upheaval, I couldn't think straight to write something. The topic being Weddings, I remembered a post I had done 2 years earlier on the same blog.

I'm inviting you to attend an Indian Muslim wedding in Mauritius. Join me? It's an eye-opening experience, the least I can say, lol!

Here's the link.

From Mauritius with love,


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