Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Playlist Mania: My Fangirl Crushing on Olly Murs

Hey peeps!

Told you I'd be back with more madness from my corner of the world. Yes, yes - run for cover! Do it already! Now! Or else....

Or else be drawn into my latest fangirl crush! Okay, I admit I am 30 years old, so no longer 'supposed' to fangirl crush anyone. I remember my days of going totally, maddeningly bonkers over The Backstreet Boys and Boyzone... Man, those were the days! I had all their albums, knew all their songs by heart, could sing them in my sleep, too, probably.

And I haven't had this feeling in a looooong time. 14 years, to be precise. What happened, you ask?

I discovered him! Olly Murs. Runner up on the 2009 edition of X-Factor in the UK, though I never heard of him before his recent single Troublemaker hit the UK Top 40. While I had loved his voice and style, I didn't start crushing on his voice even after Army of Two came out (that one reminded me of early Robbie Williams with a Jamiroquai vibe), and I found Hand on my Heart one day on Youtube (find this on the soundtrack to Eternelles here).

Then his latest hit the charts. Dear Darlin'. I was hooked! Tumbled me right through an utter fangirl crush and I just had to get every Olly Murs song available. Currently pulling my way around knowing all 3 of his albums by heart. *grin* Yes, when I fall, I fall all the way!

So, you might wanna know what/who I'm talking about? Then take a listen. You won't be disappointed!

Dear Darlin' - the song that broke my heart...and inspired a scene in the upcoming Eternelles book, Indomitable, between 'my' characters, Adri and Des.

A little something I found on the Olly Murs VEVO channel on Youtube. Behind the scenes in making the video for Dear Darlin'.

The first one of his I heard - in fact, my husband liked this song and made me listen to it. Troublemaker, with Flo Rida

And the one with the early-Robbie Williams with Jamiroquai vibe - Army of Two.

Enjoy, and maybe someone will join me in my fangirl crush? No...? Okay, no problem... :)

From Mauritius with love,


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