Friday, April 22, 2016

Back In (the) Black #BadPuns

Hey beautiful people!

Did you, like me, just hear the opening music of the AC/DC track based on the title of this post? I sure did. I mean, epic or what? Such a silence-breaker, that one. And it was a play on me being back to blogging (no longer in the basically in the black...?) Yeah, bad pun, right? Hence the hashtag...which has gotten drilled into me by my almost-13-yr-old Internet savvy kiddo. Actually, according to him, everything I say is a bad pun, so, I tend to hear "hashtag-bad-pun" a looooot when he's home with me. Which he has been - 2 full weeks of April break. We can't call it Easter break this year as Easter came and went before the first school trimester was out, so there you have it.