Monday, August 09, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: When madness dies down

Kiddo is back into school! Whoo-hoo! Can you see me jumping around my very empty house in joy? Lol. Yeah, I don't think I'm a bad mom, but being cooped up 15 hours a day for the past 19 days, with a kid who can talk the hind leg off a donkey after barely 60 seconds - yes, I welcome the sanity and the fact that he's out of the house (safely, in school!).
He didn't see it that way though - grumbled and sulked this morning when I woke him up, dragged his little self around as if it held the weight of the world on its wide-for-7-years shoulders. Kids, eh - our sunshine and our damnation at the same time! :)

It's unbelievable how much you can accomplish when you aren't interrupted by 'Mommy this' or Mommy that' every 25 seconds. Peeps, I'm writing again! I've clocked down 500 words so far this morning in between FB visits and checking email. Talk of multitasking! I even found a way to integrate an issue in a manner that so fits the ms, it seems untrue! All thanks to some quiet. Peeps - never underestimate the power of silence! As Enigma says - silence must be heard!

Channelled my non-existent Nigella Lawson over the weekend and starting a world tour of cooking. Thought of my Southern gal pals yesterday, Chicki Brown & Angela Guillaume, when I made chicken-fried steak and gravy ladled on mashed potatoes. Food turned out delicious, and cannot believe how cooking the meat this way makes it so tender and easy to eat. Kiddo, in true modern kid manner, actually made a 'burger' with his steak and bread, and would you believe it, asked if we had lettuce at home! I about fell out of my seat with the surprise, because he is absolutely self-allergic to anything vegetable!

The family madness continues. I barely had time to sit my bum down at home yesterday. Ever since Friday, the only thing I'm doing at home is sleeping. Today's not any better, since we have yet another dinner at yet another auntie's place. Oh well, at least it save me from having to cook (and by now you know cooking and me makes three - a total crowd!)

At my BIL's place on Saturday, got a chance to watch the DVD of Brooklyn's Finest. Really good movie, the realistic cop and crimeworld kind. Brilliant acting by the whole cast, though special mention to Richard Gere who portrays this alcoholic and disillusioned but honest to his deepest bone cop who refuses to take any sh*t, even from his bosses, 7 days before he is about to retire, ready to forego his pension and all his benefits just because he is honest! Other special mention to Don Cheadle, who plays an undercover cop but who finds himself with his loyalty actually veering toward the crime lord (played by Wesley Snipes) he has to bring under, because Snipes actually saved his life.
Really good movie - see it if you get the chance.

I pen off before I write my novel on here, :)

From Mauritius with love,


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