Monday, August 02, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Work load and other considerations

And we're already in August. Half the year has already gone by, and it looks like 2010 was just on the threshold of the doorway just yesterday. I know I love saying that time flies (it's like a broken record, really, I know!) but it is so damn true!! What on earth has happened in all this time?  What writing do I have to show for it?

I look at my WIP progress meter and go: Nothing to be proud of yourself, girl. But then I think back, upon those past 7 months, and I realise I have a 100K novel I wrote in the first trimester, and have a 16K revision I added to a 52K novel (that I wrote last year during this same June vacation period). All that might've been work from a previous lifetime, because the person I was at the start of this year is not the one you're seeing today. But deep down inside, it's my mind that wrapped these stories together, my imagination that brought these characters in their respective love stories, my fingers that typed their story onto the screen.

All this equals to - writing done by me!!

Is it time to cyber-dust these mss and plunge back in their world? H/h of the current WIP screaming to be heard, but the H/h of those other mss are shouting none less loudly. Who will win?

Another thing starts today - university semester. I'm on my next-to-last semester before completing my BA Communications Science degree. Misleading title actually, since the major might be comms science but the array of subjects studied vary from interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, industrial psychology, English and business/media writing, business management, media management, comms law, HR management, and marketing management. There's a total of 30 modules spread over 3 levels necessary to complete the degree. I've completed 27 of them. Got 2 this semester, and 1 left for 2011.

So what else is special about this semester? One of the modules is Distribution Management, especially in the retail industry. One glance through the study guide and I have notions of fashion houses and big department stores. I'll let you know further on if my initial impression lived up or not. :)

I also have to order my textbooks this week, and expecting my leather wallet to be totally skinned by the time I'm done with this purchase. Still, it's for the good cause (repeat like a mantra when you end up in front of the Mango shop and cannot afford to even go in to even look at price tags...)

Last week of kids' break. Think I can hold on for 7 more days? Gotta say the hubby is helping, being a real darling. He's taking afternoons off to be at home with us - just having him physically there even if he's doing nothing is great support. Kids less tempted to talk back and just ignore me. Sweetheart that he is, he even got me the DVD of Valentines' Day from the shop yesterday and sat down and watched it with me.
What more can a girl want, eh?

Writing perspective for the week - get another darn chapter down!

From Mauritius with love,



Chicki Brown said...

Be thankful for your age, because at my age, just reading this makes me want to crawl back into bed and hide under the covers ...

Zee Monodee said...

Lol, girl! Reading this again makes me wanna run away screaming! It's amazing how much we cope with and don't realize.

I pray for when I'll be of your age - kids out of the house, lol, sanity for me!


Tammy said...

Oh, please, don't count on having sanity when the kids leave. LOL If they are anything like mine (5 of them) they leave home, start a family, then come back. Where is the sanity in that??? LOL

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Tammy! I think my mom would say the same thing! She says the grankids bring on new madness. :)

Thanks for dropping by! Big hugs