Friday, September 03, 2010

Progress Friday

That's not the grade I'm giving myself, lol, far from it! That's the grade I want to see on my results paper circa December 10 of this year. Okay, not exactly A+, since the university uses a point system, but 75+ (distinction) would be good. I have never settled for just getting the required 50 pass mark and I don't want this semester to be any different.

The thing is though, that every time a semester rolls in, there's something I seem to have completely forgotten - that as a uni student, you don't actually have a life anymore! That's true. You register for a semester which in fact lasts a little over 4 months what with admin registration, despatch and receipt of study material, ordering and waiting for prescribed textbooks. In all this, the lecturers expect you to be handing in your first assignment - which if you're lucky, covers only half the syllabus and not the whole of it! - barely one month after registration closes. So I guess lecturers think uni students are a total different breed with mega brains and no life?

Past week saw me clocking in only about 1.5K on the WIP. Don't even mention the challenge story! Scenes dying away while screaming to be let out of the imagination, Word doc bliss-less-ly blank while you run around like a headless chicken trying to understand all the communication and management concepts being hurled at you!

Oh, did I mention I am still waiting on receiving my textbooks? Hopefully they should be making it in next week. Two days ago the card notice that a parcel has been received at the Port Louis parcel post office came in. My FIL granted them permission to forward the parcel to my town and now we're waiting. Sigh...
Oh wait - would you believe this? I was about to hit Publish when there was a knock at the door. Yups, my FIL just brought the parcel up! Yay - okay I'm seriously warped to be happy to get textbooks, but what can you do when you're a uni student...?

Anywayz, I might just come to a conclusion - semester time is not at all conducive to new writing! I might just have to stick to crits and rewriting/editting existing mss/WIPs until the storm abates circa start of November.

No wait... I will get some writing done in the meantime! That's the spirit, innit? :)

Taking this opp to wish all of you Americans a happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy yourselves with family (our most precious gift!) and have a blast!

From Mauritius with love,



Sandy said...

Glad your books made it, Z. That would have been a major worry if they'd gotten lost.

I'm sure you'll make the grades you want.

Unknown said...

You'll make it, Z. You have spirit!
Love, Nat

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks gals! It's indeed a relief the books made it through. Now on to real studying...

Can you believe this bit? I paid for the books on Aug 18, they were despatched on Aug 24 via normail post office air mail, made it in on Aug 30. Total postage: 157 South African Rands = about 700 Mauritian Rupees.

Price for same books if paid on Aug 18, despatched Aug 24, received august 26 by courier would be a total of 2,200 SA Rands = 9,000 MRU Rupees!

Can you believe this??? A difference of over 8K for 4 days' difference in delivery! Unbelievable!

To think the books only cost me 2,000 Rupees!